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Those Church People

Give church a try and see for yourself.
One of the first things some people say about some of the people they don't understand is, "those people..."

Many times this sentence-starter crosses over many boundaries like religion, spirituality, race, gender, education, occupation, or socioeconomic levels. "Those people" this and "those people" that. Usually such words are based on misunderstanding, jealously, or miscommunication. Another reason is a cop-out mindset. In other words, if "those people" are made to be bad, negative, or a nuisance, it's easy to justify our wrong living. It's easy to dismiss them as being insignificant, crazy, or just plain weird. When "those people" are extended towards the people who attend church, especially if they slip or have a scandal, the usual response is, 'see I told you those people were hypocrites, that's why I don't go to that church', as though the people who attend church are perfect.

Many times saying such things gives the naysayers the ok to get out of trying to live right themselves. Notice I said try. That means throughout our mistakes and errors we are just trying to get things right. Instead of criticizing others, why not try something different and just serve God, not let "church people" get us down if something wrong is said or done? Why not just take it to God? That's one of the reasons He's God. He meets all of our needs. He will straighten the crooked edges out, trust and believe that. Further, where else are people supposed to go when they want help for their lives? Wouldn't church be the best place for God to deal with them? Wouldn't church be the best place for God to deal with all of us? It goes both ways. Nobody will get it right 100% of the time. Give people a chance.

Let's just stop getting "those church people" twisted with God.

There is only one perfect person and His name is Jesus, God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Christ. Any of those will do. 

Seeking God for ourselves is a good alternative to looking at any group of people and thinking they're all the same, because they're not.

Just some words that were on my heart. 

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2 Samuel 22:31


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