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The Pinhole

The Lord will help us. You're inside a dark room. No doors and no windows. You're stuck. No way out. Not sure how you got there. You're afraid, you're in extreme despair, you're alone. No one can hear you if you scream. No one can hear you if you cry. You can see nothing. What do you do? You SPEAK. No need to fear, no need to anguish, no need to feel deserted, no need to yell, and no need to mourn. Speak out loud. Speak to the Lord. He will supply all you need. He is the light. Follow the light. There you will be able to see the pinhole you didn't see before. Yes the pinhole in the corner of the room. Look there. That is your way out. It was always there. Yes, the light shining so brightly. You just had to seek it out. Now walk towards it as you continue to speak. You see it getting bigger and bigger? Now you can leave that dark room. The Lord heard you. He saw you. He even knew you would find yourself in that dark place. He just wanted your full at