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Protecting My Peace - Day 11 - Do You Have a Great Routine?

Do you know that part of protecting our peace is about routines? And someone once said, 'routines is the stuff of great legends.' What's your routine? Do you have a great routine? Is it something that's working for you? If so, great for you, keep going. If not, then it's a great time to get a productive routine going. It's never too late and this is a time where we have plenty of time during this COVID19 pandemic. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 10 - Are You Willing to Fight for the Life You Want?

Protecting our peace is about knowing that if we went through it, it will be another battle that gave us experience to get closer to winning the war. King David in the bible went through hell with his family and foes, but that didn't stop him. David loved the Lord and the Lord loved David. David had a great relationship with God, because David's heart was loving towards God. That's the main reason God blessed David. It can be the same for us. We have the power to have the life we want. We just have to be willing to continue fighting for it. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 9 - Are You Using Your Talents?

Have you ever heard of the 5 talents? It was a story in Matthew 25 when a boss gave his employees 5, 2, and 1 talent. The ones he gave 5 and 2, used them very well and they doubled, but the one with the 1 talent, didn't use it. He buried it, sat on it, and was cast into the darkness. How many talents were we given? Are we using them? Do we find ourselves cast into a darkness of our own, because we are not using what our daddy (God) gave us? Just a question. Click to order your copy of Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 8 - What Are You Doing With Your Time?

How's it going regarding protecting your peace? Are you refining and cultivating your craft. What are you doing during these quarantining days? Netflix is awesome, but if that and similar things are all we're doing then will those things help us become better, worse, or the same? That question is only one we can answer. Anyway, we have plenty of time to fine-tune something great we do well and if we do that every day, we will come out better in that area. What you doing in all the time we all have to practice and make ourselves better? Click to order your copy of Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 7 - Search for What Brings You Peace

What are you doing to protect your peace? Are you doing anything to bring you power, confidence, calm, strength, improve self-esteem? If you are, great, keep doing that. If not, then there should be something that clears your mind and brings you positive energy, not less. Ponder that as you search for something you love doing and make that a part of your day every day. Click to order your copy of Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 6 - Open, Honest, and Respectful Communication Helps Relationships

Do you know protecting our peace is about understanding others and trying our best to know what makes them tick? When we do that, we can get to know their heart as we communicate more. Open, honest, and respectful communication makes our relationships better and life gets better. Getting to know each other is not as complicated as we think when we're willing to be more understanding and compassionate towards others.

Protecting My Peace - Day 5 - Reflect, Learn, and Grow

When it comes to protecting our peace, how are we processing the words that come our way? Do we give them or the source of where they came, power? Do we "get mad or get glad"? Do we reflect on them and learn to grow? We can find positive ways in dealing with any hurt or negativity that comes our way by looking within and knowing we don't have to get down about them. We can be strengthened as we maintain our emotional control.

Protecting My Peace - Day 4 - We Can Still Choose Peace, Power, Joy, Confidence, and Strength

In this continuing series of Protecting My Peace, the focus has to continue to be on keeping the negative out and embracing the positive. It doesn't matter what we are confronted with and who supports us, we can still choose peace, power, joy, confidence, and strength. Remember, we are in control, not our circumstances.

Protecting My Peace - Day 3 - Deposits and Withdrawals

Protecting our peace is about the deposits and withdrawals we allow, as well as, how we handle negativity and adversity. Just know you can get through anything you want to get through. You can win in the end, you really can. So, believe it. 

Protecting My Peace - Day 2 - Surround Yourself With People Who Tell You the Truth

I will be doing a Protecting My Peace series everyday for the near future. This is only a series until I move on with something else that will bless us. Today I talk about ensuring we stay around a positive team of people. Those people should not be many and can be positive and productive family and/or friends. We have to also be open to getting feedback we may not like and be mature enough to deal with that. If we want to grow, we have to be willing to be open for what comes with that.

Protecting My Peace - Day 1 - Don't Let Them Drain Your Energy

It's important to know we have power to protect our peace, joy, and happiness. We can do that through God's word, positive books, and affirmations. Don't let any person, place, or thing steal your peace. Continue to work on yourself and know you can be anything and do anything. Our past doesn't matter. In fact, it can be used to fuel our energy to grow and do ever greater things. Remember what Maya Angelou said: 'what anyone thinks [or says] about me doesn't matter, because it's none of my business.' Carry on as you protect your peace.