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Heavy Weights

Ask God to help you lift that weight. Sometimes in life we deal with heavy burdens. Big issues, serious circumstances, dire situations. Heavy weights. What may be a heavy weight for one person may not be a heavy weight for the next person, but they can be confronting equal weight. That means we can't judge the way a person should act when they're going through things, because we don't know how they see that weight placed on them. We don't know their strength. We have no idea just by looking at them. Only God knows that. That also means that when we are dealing with a heavy weight, God will be with us, but we have to trust Him. I made mistakes in the past by having heavy burdens that I thought I had to handle on my own and I wasted valuable time. Today I have burdens that should weigh heavily on me, but I trust God and I am stronger in dealing with them. I remember when I lost my twins. There were two women who talked about the fact that I was still g


Freedom, there's nothing like it. You are free to go. Free to go to the place the Lord has given you. You have everything you need. You won't fail, because the Lord will be with you. You are strong, you are mighty, you are ready. The Lord has signed off. Go. Walk in your destiny. Fly butterfly fly. He has plans for you. You will be listened to. Your suffering is over. People will bow down 1 to you like they did for Joseph 2 . That cistern 3 you were thrown in has made you a warrior, because you got out. That prison 4 cell you were in has made you humble, because you stayed with God. Those lies told against you 5 have withered away to nothing to stand on, because they were baseless. Now, walk in. Hold your head up. People are not seeing you anymore, they're seeing God. Every stride of your walk is like a lion, smooth and strong. Your countenance is confident and welcoming. People will flock to you. They will like you. The hard part has been finished

The Back Door

There's always access. For a large part of my life I had this philosophy that if I wanted anything I would have to ask. And as I grow older, I grow more confident in that asking. You know the scripture, " ask and it shall be given to you... " I take that seriously, because it works, but here's the thing. Many times asking God for certain things doesn't mean those things will come to us easy. Many times they will come with hard work on our part. That means we may have to change things up, we may have to think and go outside our comfort zone, we may have to go the long route.  Which means, we may not be able to ascertain certain blessings by going the traditional route.  We may have to go through the back door.  And who cares, because now we're in and now it's on. That's right, now we can show what we're made of and sky high promotion cometh soon. And here's the other thing, that grand ole promotion that will come is not jus

Fake it, Make it

You'll make it for real. "Fake it until you make it." You heard that phrase before, right? Some people like it, some people don't. I like it. Some people like the saying, because they see it as forcing yourself to do the things you may not want to do or can't do, until you either want to do them or you can do them. Some people don't like the saying, because they think it comes from a faithless place and saying such a thing is not a good thing.    For me it works, so I believe it and I'm sticking with the things that work. There was a time in my life when I had nothing, but the clothes on my back. I had moved from California to South Carolina and I left everything in storage including my car. I lived at a friend's house and I hated everything about  my move. It was a culture shock. Yet this is what I knew. I had to get up each morning with a smile on my face and I had to have the confidence to push through each day. That attitude wo

Cheetahs and Us

The Cheetah is not the only run who defies speed. So I decided to watch a YouTube video about Cheetahs. And I wasn't disappointed.  The video was called, This Is Why You Can't Outrun a Cheetah . 1 It talked about how fast they were -- they run at 75 miles per hour. In the video it was said that the Cheetah was the "king of speed" with acceleration faster than a Ferrari or Lamborghini. And that it moved so quickly that its feet spent more time in the air than the ground.  Fascinating.  Then of course I thought about how God works and I drew a similarity to the Cheetah. I thought, ok God can also do a work in us faster than a Cheetah can run. Makes sense, doesn't it? I mean He created the Cheetah, 2 so the fact that it's been established that He created Cheetahs to run so fast that they defy reason, He also created His people to do even more. Henceforth, He's the God of the possible and the impossible, which means that just as He crea

Solid as a Rock

We all need a strong Father we can go to. For me, it's Jesus. "A firm foundation or support." 1 The Everlasting Rock . 2 The Cornerstone . 3 The Rock means: To hold up. A firm setting. A strong mass. An unshakable entity.  Reliable. Safe. Dependable. Reinforcing. Secure. Steady. By now, you probably know where I'm going with this, don't you?  Well, I won't assume, so I will tell you where I'm going. In one word: Jesus.  I'm there.  He is omnipotent one, plus some. If you want to know where I get my strength and what I stand on, it's Him. He's my first response. And as a result, I am able to go on no matter the pain, no matter the heartache, no matter the struggles, no matter if I'm misunderstood. No matter anything. Jesus is my rock and He too knows that feeling of all of the above. He knows everything.  Before He died for you and I, that's the way He was treated. That's the way He was looked upo

Laser Focus

Stay focused We must focus. That's the key to doing all that God has blessed us to do. That means being inconvenienced if needed. That means smiling when we feel like crying. That means getting up when we feel like staying in bed with the covers over our heads. It all means forcing ourselves to do and be until it becomes second nature or habit. We must remain strong in body and spirit. We're not here solely for ourselves. We're here to help others so others can help others. We're here for people to see God's glorious light, because He is the light of the world and whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. 1 Focus means dealing with it if it glorifies God.  That's the key to helping others through their pain. I see it often, people in pain, especially young people. Some of them have very difficult lives and who am I to throw my struggles on them? Instead, I am a needed hand from God to help them sort thro

God's Love

God loves all of us. It doesn't matter. Let me tell you about the love of God. It never changes.  Why? Because, God shows his love for us while we were still sinners and Christ died for us. 1 And because He died for us and He lives forever, that means His love is forever. It doesn't matter if we fall short. He will never abandon us. We may not be able to say that about many people, but we can most assuredly say that about God. That's why it's important that we know who God says we are. We are His cherished offspring. I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. No one can rattle me on that, because I know He is real and His love is abundant. It never runs out. I will always rest in knowing that. It doesn't matter how difficult my walk is sometimes. I know He embraces me in His loving arms. I will never give up in what I was born to do and that is to help those who are broken. That is one of the main reasons I exist. It's a new mission and I will s

Moral Compass

Where is your moral compass pointing? So you want to be a leader huh?  The truth of the matter is that everybody doesn't have it in them when it comes to leading in big ways. What I’m saying is that leadership is leadership is leadership. Although everyone can and should lead in some capacity, everyone can’t be leaders among leaders. I've worked with people who called themselves leaders, but left a lot to be desired. It wasn't their calling. And to be honest, I wasn't impressed with their moral compass. A moral compass is a guide, a barometer, a measurement of how we're doing regarding our morals (conduct, ethics, principles, values). Whether we're a leader or not, what is our moral compass pointing to? And if it's not pointing to the place it should be in order to bring out the best in people, then we have some work to do.  Or perhaps we should move over and let someone else have the position. There are many great leaders in the bible