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Despair to Repair

God is in the restoration business and He will give us the tools for strength. I know what intense pain feels like and I know what trusting in the Lord feels like too. My pain is leading to more faith (trust) in God, which is leading to freedom and peace, which is strengthening me to help others. God is turning my pain into another's gain. And what the devil meant for evil , God is turning it around. This is what He did for Joseph when those Joseph loved turned their backs on him. Yes yes yall, God turned Joseph's despair into repair. Then Joseph went on to become mighty in the world. He didn't despise his small/humble beginnings, which were necessary for growth. Why? Because God uses those who society rejects, the misfits, the lost, the ostracized, the cast-asides, the judged. God loves making ways out of no ways and making the ordinary into the extraordinary. He did (and does) it time after time after time. I'm happy God is a merciful, favorable, g

It Ain't Over

Yes, you're more than a conqueror. This goes out to everyone who has gone through something, who is currently going through something, or who will go through something. My current circumstance? I'm going through something. In fact some may even classify my current circumstance as going through hell. But guess what? It ain't over til God says it's over. It ain't over until my victory is won, period, end of story. I have a faith strategy that has been working for me. Yes in order to get through, I had to come up with a plan of action, so this is what I've been doing on a consistent basis: pray throughout the day & night, read the word (bible), listen to countless sermons, go to church on Sundays & for bible study (there's something about being in God's house), serve in church no matter what, stay around positive Christians (in other words, prayerful/faithful Christians), ask for prayer (nope I'm not afraid to ask for help. I used t

Keep Going

Can't quit, won't quit. There is much work to do for the kingdom. In the kingdom. God's kingdom. There's inspiration all over the place. It's never over. I came across an inspirational article . It inspired me, because this time in my life is a trying time, but trust the Lord with ALL my heart & lean not on my own understanding. In ALL my ways, I will acknowledge Him (Proverbs 3:5/6). In other words, when we're going through tough hard times we must: keep doing positive things, keep serving, keep worshiping, keep praising, stay around positive Christians, stay in church & shame the devil. My stance is, in my weakness if I can just touch the hem of the Lord's garment (faith), I will be "healed" ( Matthew 9:20 ). Be encouraged, because challenging times don't last forever. Why? I will never give up. I will Because weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning ( Psalm 30:5 ). I'm a witness.