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Warrior Spirit

The warrior spirit. Ready? Power. Strength. Resilience. Push through. Flying high. The warrior spirit is in the person who doesn't stop when pressure comes. They fight until the war is over. They never give up. They may get scared and tired every now and then, but they keep fighting. That's what any great man or woman in battle does. He or she never departs from the post, never aborts the mission. Stays until game over . Are you a warrior?


David , like Esther , is one of my favorite people in the bible. David was a whole lot of things. He was a shepherd of sheep, he was a loyal friend, he was a poet, he was a mighty warrior, he was a king and much more. My pastor, Pastor Henderson, at New Beginnings Church in Matthews , NC talks a lot about David. And I have decided I want to learn more about David for myself. So I have began a study, if you will, on David. My study right now focuses mainly on reading about him in the bible. I intend on reading other books about him, as well. What I am finding is that David consulted with God in just about everything he did. Particularly when he wanted to know whether or not to go into battle, David seeked the Lord, he called upon the Lord for direction, and the Lord told him what to do. So far I am in the book of 2 Samuel and there hasn't been a military battle David has lost. Isn't it awesome, when we consult God, how He will direct our paths? David was victorious, bec

A Game Changing Moment

Sometimes we have those times when our life changes based on a single event. It's a event that Don't look back. becomes a game changer, a defining moment, a time when you know you will never be the same. This is what happened to me back in March, 2014 during our church fast. I had a meeting with a man of God. And I was reminded how the Lord saw me and what He wanted for my life. In that meeting, I cried one of the last cries about past situations I was letting control me, I was letting control my life. After that meeting, I still cried, but it was my last cry about situations that dogged me for years. I cry no more, at least not about those things. Today I am a new creation. A new creation in Christ. What an awesome feeling.


Thank God for true people, true friends, the people we can count on. You know how we can tell the people who are in our corner, in our camp, on our team? When we mess up (and we will) , they will still like us, they will still love us, they will still accept us and they won't change how they treat us. I'm not talking about "yes" people who tell us what we want to hear. I'm talking about the people who will tell us the truth with no judgment and who have already forgiven us before we even mess up. Isn't that awesome? Those are the people to keep close.

Praise the Lord

How many worshippers in the house? You better open your mouth. You better put up your hands. That's right, dance like David danced. Praise him like David did. Praise the Lord, yall. God loves it when we worship Him. And worshipping Him changes things. I feel the energy sometimes when the entire room praises and worships Him. I felt it Sunday at church. In fact, I've been feeling it lately, like I never quite have before. It's amazing.

Judging People

Sometimes we are unfairly judged. It may be because of something we said, something we didn't say, something we did, or something we didn't do. If we feel we have been unfairly judged, the good news is that the feeling is temporary. God's word is always strength and comfort in the midst of it all. I looked up scripture concerning judgment and I stumbled across this one:           Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment" John 7:24. What this scripture means to me is although I may look a certain way, I am different than you may think. It doesn't matter what was said about me, if a person doesn't really know me, then they shouldn't think they know me, right? So, we must keep our head up and keep doing the same things we've been doing, because consistency is not overrated. Remember that.