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The House of the Lord

There's no place better, no place stronger than God's House. The House of the Lord is the most powerful house in the world. More powerful than my house, more powerful than your house, powerful than the White House, more powerful than any house. The Lord's house is the house that rules. It's the powerhouse and the house of: Strength Comfort Fellowship Peace Healing You name it, the list goes on and on If it's good then it dwells in, from, and about the House of the Lord. Your one-stop shopping for all things Christ. It's just not the same being anywhere else. Aren't you the blessed one.


That's right, push through. Don't stop talking to God. Continue to hear His voice of direction. Seek His face in all you do, because He is the voice of reason. You know what all of this is, right? It's your prayer life.  Yes, it's your PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).  Keep doing that and watch God.

The Palm Tree

Did you know that palm trees bend, but they don't break? They have the amazing capacity to weather storms and constantly stand, because their root system is wide and firm. Isn't that amazing? The palm tree is one of the most fascinating trees I've ever heard about. It's fascinating for many reasons, namely, its resiliency. Its bounce back. Its ability to literally weather the storm. The palm tree doesn't fall down...well not completely. It's left standing after all is said and done. Just like you.

Humility Over Pride

Proverbs 11:2 says , "when pride comes, then comes disgrace,  but with humility comes wisdom." What an obvious statement, yet people often disregard it, especially when promotion comes. The big head sometimes creeps in when we start thinking we did it all ourselves. You know what that's called, right? It's called pride. And pride is a limited emotion. It normally ends up hitting a brick wall and breaking fast. Thus, l ittle do some realize, promotion comes from one person. The Lord. Period. End of story, which means that God puts decisions on man's heart to act as the go-between to promote or elevate someone. God makes that happen. Not any man (or woman). The moral of the story is that we better acknowledge who it is who really promotes and elevates us and thank Him every chance we get. That way, when we are sure to give Him the glory, our promotion, our elevation will stay in tact. Humility over pride wins out all the time. That's how we stay on top.

The Storm

True story: About a year ago I had to take an important 3 hour drive. I decided to take the back roads to save time, so the roads were unfamiliar. When I left the house it was raining a little, but nothing too bad. About an hour into the drive, the rain and wind got worse. The rain came more and the wind blew harder. Very hard. I was in a storm.  Since I had to be there by 7am, I had to leave my house at 4am, so it was dark the entire time. It was even more isolating because I was the only one on the road most of the time. The road had many unknown curves, inclines and declines. It was scary and even dangerous at times. As the storm got worse I got more afraid. I was alone and I was cold because the heat in my vehicle was out. I drove very slowly and at times I wanted to turn around to go back home or pull over to wait it out, but I thought if I turn around I would be back to square 1 and if I stopped I may get stuck out there, so I continued to drive. Almost the entire drive