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The 33% Rule

I read somewhere about The 33% RULE: The bottom 33% suck the life out of you, they give up, and nothing ever satisfies them. The middle 33% are happy but only when things are going well, you can't depend on them during down/hard times. The top 33% have a positive attitude no matter what, they dont get mad when people disagree with them, the top 33% are leaders, influencers, the go-to people, the game-changers. Which one are you?

When I Want to Know

When I want to know who someone is, all I have to do is look at their friends. Your reference group determines about 95% of your success or failure in life. ~John Maxwell~ Jim Rohn said, 'we become the combined average of the five people we hang with the most. We can tell the quality of our health, attitude, and income by those people. We start to eat what they eat, talk like they talk, read what they read, think like they think, listen to the music they listen to, watch what they watch, and dress like they dress.' When I want to know who someone is, all I have to do is look at their friends.

So You Want to Quit?

I will never give up, because God is on my side. We all want to throw in the towel every now and then. It's a regular emotion to get over burdened and overloaded with life's issues. I don't know anyone who never wanted to quit something. Do you? I'm not saying they actually quit, I'm saying they wanted to quit. So wanting to and doing it are two entirely different things. Last January I had to take my fitness test. The running part of it was the hardest, because I wasn't running that much to stay in shape. I was in ok shape, but I had a ways to go still. After about 10 minutes into the run I wanted to stop, because I realized I had started out too fast and I wasn't in that kind of shape. After every step I thought really hard about quitting and then I thought again, ok if I quit now I will be further away from my goal of finishing. My body hurt, my head was throbbing, and that finish line didn't seem like it would ever come. The thought of startin


"Growth always comes from taking action and taking action almost always brings criticism. Move forward anyway. Sooooo, what area do I need to grow in? Ha, where in the world do I start? Finances, check. Fitness, check. Impatience, check. Reading my bible more, check (can we ever read too much?). Keeping my house clean, check (there's no excuse with the boys gone). Being more organized, check (papers are all over my house and why can I keep my work papers organized, but not my personal papers?). So what do I do with being hit in so many areas? I tackle each thing one day at a time, otherwise I will start to get overwhelmed and finish none of them. Like yesterday on the track for instance. I jogged 3 miles. There were other people out there who seemed to be in better and worse shape than me, but I was not concerned about them. I was focused on what I had to do. It took forever to finish, but I finished. So yesterday I tackled one of my growth areas. And it doesn't matter

Chin Up

They turned their backs on you huh? You're feeling misunderstood? They told lies about you? It seems they're all having fun and not you? Just stay on your post. Don't get distracted. Continue the training. Your success is coming. You may be alienated now and the attacks may be coming fast and furious. Yet soon you will be like Neo in the first Matrix movie. When the bullets come at you, you will look in silence and utter peace at their coming and you will tilt your head to one side as you slowly put out your hand to stop them. You will be calm and cool 'cuz you can't help it. You're just cool like that (that's their problem, your coolness urks them). Then the bullets will fall to the ground. They may come for you, but they can't touch you. They will be no threat. You will be the last one standing. They will watch you go to your bank accounts. They will watch and wonder in amazement how you (ha ha, God) did it. They will be scratching their heads over and


You want His number? You want to call Him? Here you go: Romans 10:13 . You're welcome. Anytime babe. Anytime.

Don't Even Think About It!

God has much in store for you. Change those thoughts! I know what you're thinking 'cuz I was just there a few minutes ago, a few hours ago, a few days ago, a few weeks ago, a few months ago, and a few years ago. So what does that tell you? That those moments of anxiety or that overwhelming feeling that you can't make it or that it can't get any worse, are temporary thoughts. Joy does in fact come in the morning (or the next minute, hour, day, week, month or the next year). I'm telling you because I just overcame a major challenge and some are still here, but I know what was promised to me from God. He said there is much more for you and that includes you too. Just follow the light, because it shines brighter than anything. In the light, you can see.


Keep your eyes and ears open for a "Yes", 'cuz it's coming.

Thick and Thin

I always said you can tell the haters when something really really good happens in your life or when something really really bad happens in your life. When the good happens, those same people who were "in your corner" will be so jealous they can't see straight and when the bad happens, those same people who were "cheering for you", won't want anything to do with you. So what are you gonna do? Just stay focused on your goals and keep moving forward. I heard a pastor say, "when you discover your assignment, it will reveal your enemies." Isn't that the truth? Keep the people who show up through thick and thin, through the ups and downs, through the peaks and valleys, close to you. Those should be the people whose opinion makes a difference in your life.

The Right Time

At the right time, you're going to take off and God is going to take your places you never thought you would go. Timing is crucial. Have faith. Keep your faith. Soarrrrrrrrr.

Be Different

Don't be afraid to be different, don't be afraid to be the odd one out, don't be afraid to stand alone, don't be afraid to be alone, don't be afraid to be lonely, don't be afraid to be isolated, don't be afraid to be alienated, don't be afraid to be misunderstood, don't be afraid to be called crazy or weird, don't be afraid to be called a nerd....Anyone who is chosen to be a serious leader will have to go through those things at some point. It's part of the process. If you're saying, well I AM afraid, well you're in good company. And what I'd say to that is just do it anyway, because that's what great leaders do.   "For many are called, but few are chosen" ~Matthew 22:14~

It Doesn't Matter

I have to do the will of God and I will be protected. He protects us in one way or another. I'm going to do things His way. So it doesn't matter if people don't get it. For those of us who take chances, it's not easy putting ourselves out there. It wasn't easy for Esther either. Remember her? Just read about her. There's even a book in the bible named after her. She's one of my favorite people, because she put herself out there and it paid off big time. Love that about her. How many people can do what she did? Raise your hands if you would take a risk of that magnitude.


'You can be pitiful or powerful. It's your decision.' I'm not sure where I heard that quote, but it's goooood right? No one can take my power away unless I give them that authority.   I made my decision. I'm powerful.