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God Creates Shortcuts

The road may be long, but at least you're going forward.
I had a conversation with a great friend of mine, yesterday. We talked about the goals we had for certain areas of our lives. The conversation was a lengthy one. We talked a little about our successes, but we needed each other's advice concerning our failures, our mistakes, and our discouragements.

It was a time of self-reflection.

We talked about how we could have already had what we wanted if we waited instead of getting impatient. This has been the case with several areas of my life. My house is one of them. Although I live in a nice place, I could have had an even nicer place if I trusted God more. Instead I grew impatient and took the first nice place I kind of liked. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had better for me. I had several clues. Yet I settled for second (or maybe even third) best. I thought getting there faster would make me happier.

Faster and bigger are not always better.

We have to trust God

Many of us can probably testify to growing impatient and settling for less than what God had for us. I would imagine it's happened a time or ten in our lives at some point. I know now more than ever, that there are no reliable man-made shortcuts to getting the best God has for us. None, zero, zilch, nil. We have to believe the Lord will do what He said He would in His timing and we have to stay on our grind. That means trust God and we hit that pavement smokin'. Do whatever it takes. We must not stop. I know it's hard sometimes, I know it's tiring, and I know it's lonely at times. The bottom line is, if we want lasting success we're going to have to get used to those things anyway. Successful people go through all of that. They accept it as a way of life, because they want to live with joy and peace.

If we want to do things right we have to do things God's way. There's no getting around that.

He creates the short cuts, not us.   

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