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Face Those Giants

Noting is too big for God. Nothing.
Did you know the Lord will save and protect us against our giants (problems)? Yep, that's right. 

Those giants may look like hard times, pain, heartache, depression, sadness, anger, and I can go on and on, but you get my point. God will protect us against those things that come in our lives to cause havoc and chaos. He'll protect us against those giants -- those problems, circumstances, and challenges that come to destroy us. 

We have to face them though.

We must fight. We can't cower down and let those giants defeat us. We can't put our heads under the blankets. We must fight our giants head on. It doesn't matter how big those Goliaths are. If David didn't face him, Goliath would have continued tormenting people and coming for them. He would have kept coming bolder and harder, because he thought nobody would ever fight him. He didn't think he would ever be taken out.

David's giants may have looked different than ours, but giants are giants and attacks are attacks. When we fight our giants, they will eventually fall. Just like David, we have to talk to the Lord God and He will tell us what to do. He will give us strategies and plans.

And we will win. Fight that giant. Fight that problem. 

When everyone was afraid to fight Goliath, David stepped up. He told the commander: 'I can take this guy, because I used to keep sheep for my father. And when a lion or a bear came and took a lamb from the flock, I chased him down, attacked him and delivered that lamb out of his mouth. And if he tried to attack me, I caught him by his beard and killed him. The LORD saved me from the lion and bear and He will protect me from this giant, Goliath.' 

So, way before David decided to fight Goliath, he was used to giants, he was used to the attacks and he was used to winning. His attitude was like, 'I got this giant, been there done that.' David knew God had his back and his thinking was, another giant?

Not a problem.

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