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"Where are You?": When Misfits Become Kings: Book Study Part 3 (weekly podcast episode #30)

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"But God know. Before each of our births. He had our purpose and our path already mapped out. In fact, before the beginning of the world itself God not only had us in mind, He created a place where we could each individually walk, talk, and get acquainted with Him." That quote comes from page 16 in our on-going book study, When Misfits Become Kings: Book Study Part 3, chapter title, Where Are You?

It's about being in tune with God and staying with Him, not getting distracted by the things that will take us away from Him. And yes I have made those mistakes several times in my life and I hope not to ever repeat them. It's not a good place to be. And I can laugh now, but there was one time when I could not laugh and did not laugh, because nothing was funny. But I laugh now as a place of comfort and a place of deliverance. Casto highlights Adam and Eve, who were swayed by evil -- by the devil, when they took their eyes off of God and thus, off of the vision and goals God had for them. In Genesis 3, they were so off track that they were forever banished from the Garden of Eden, which was a shame, because they had it made. They were in the presence of the Lord continuously. Imagine that. "Imagine it, the simple act of strolling with a friend, the only sound between them the in-sync rhythm of their feel swishing through the grass. Their slow, steady, casual pace was in perfect harmony with the surrounding beauty. The rhythmic subtlety of their steps was comforting, peaceful, and perfect." (page 17). Then they let Satan in to ruin it all. How many of us have made that same mistake? Listen, I raise my hand high. Yet, the Lord was with them although He had to look for them. And He's with you and I, as well.

So some questions we need ask ourselves: Where are you today? Does He have to look for us? Are we in-sync with Him? Are we walking with Him or do we have to hide like Adam and Eve did in Genesis 3:8 when God asked, “Where are you?” 

Casto says on page 19, "Without breaking a sweat Satan got the first couple to question their identity by dangling before them the one thing they desired most. It is his best trick, for the devil always manages to dangle the shiniest apple over the deepest pit." And when the Lord has to continuously ask us, where we are, therein lies the problem that we are not where we're supposed to be, right? 'Where are you? The man [Adam] didn't know which way to turn after they had eaten the forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree (Genesis 3:2). Just a few steps behind, Eve watched her husband change. He was once confident, but now he was a scared, helpless shell of the man he once was.' (page 20).

That's not a good feeling, is it? To find yourself out there and feel as though you disappointed God, because you make mistake after mistake? But take heart, God is a Redeemer (Job 19:25). He didn't leave Adam and Eve and He will not leave us either. The mistakes we made do not matter. All we have to do is ask for forgiveness and guess what? He is right there with open arms for any of us. For instance, when God asked Adam and Eve what they did in Genesis 3:8-13, they admitted it, they came clean, and although they weren't in the place they once were with God, He didn't leave them. He still watched over them. "Much like young David, who was exiled by his family to the outer pasture, Adam and Eve had no one to turn to but each other" (page 22). 'Thankfully, God still watched. Taking pity on their naked condition, He slaughtered a lamb and clothed them in order that they would have protection and warmth against the world.' (page 23).

So, wherever you are right now, know this: God has not left you. You may be in the wilderness like David, Adam, Eve, and I once were, but God is taking care of you. As long as you know He is the Lord God and will call out to Him, he will clothe you and bless you too. That, I know. You are still His off-spring. You are still His child. And He will never leave you or forsake you. Believe and know that He is the Lord, and there is no other; besides Him, there is no God (Isaiah 54:5). Yes, you're going to be alright. Stay with the Lord, He's got you covered. Yes He does. 
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