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For those of you who have been underestimated, I'm among you. Yes I have been passed over many times. But guess what? God never overlooks us. He will catapult us by leaps & bounds. There are many instances in the bible where people were underestimated. Take David for instance. When God told Samuel to look for a king, David was the last one brought in to be chosen among his brothers as the future king. But look at God. God had already chosen David before man did. So it doesn't matter if people overlook you or count you out. What matters is what God said He would do and the reason He put you on this earth. In other words, whatever God has for you to do, will get done. So there's zero reason to worry about people who tried to stop you, who are trying to stop you, or who will try to stop you. The writing is obvious. God never underestimates us. And that my dear friends, is what is most important.

Hearing the Voice of God

In order for me to continue to hear the voice of the Lord, I simply must practice. For instance, last night I was supposed to call someone (or at least text) and I didn't. Then this morning that same person came in my spirit and I said, 'oh Lord, I should have made contact last night.' Why didn't I? One reason is that I procrastinate. I was always one of those people. I put things off that don't seem that important and that's not good. I'm just being honest when I say I procrastinate, because I want to repent to the Lord by asking for forgiveness and be delivered from that thing. Procrastination has probably held up a few blessings, that when totaled could have resulted in something great. I'm tired of doing that and I'm going to fix it. Being quiet to hear God's voice. In order to move on, to push through, to go to the next level, we have to hear and listen to God's voice. How else do we know we're on the right track? The one thin


Proverbs 27 :17 says, Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another . What that means to me is that the people who are around us, the ones we let in our lives, are the people who should make us better and vice versa. I am glad to finally have friends who make me better. If there ever comes a time when it seems they are not good food for the soul, then I will run fast and in a hurry. For now though, I have good people around me. I have people I love and who love me and that is pretty priceless, wouldn't you say? I hope you have people around you who are inviting you to good things and who are striving to live a life free of pain, because that makes life a whole lot better.