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Protecting My Peace - Day 42 - The Uprising: Holding Hands During This Difficult Time

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. In continuing to protect our peace, we have to get and remain focused on lifting our heads high in a collective gathering of holding hands during this difficult time. God is still on the throne and will have His way. It's a time to dig deep and to say: 'I will not be consumed by any of the affairs of the world. I will do my part to affect change and stay positive amidst a raging storm. I will do what eagles do -- I will soar above it and justice will be done. It may be a long time coming, but it will come. Yes it will.' It doesn't matter where you were born or raised and it doesn't matter your past or your present, keep your head up.

Protecting My Peace - Day 41 - Today, Let's Celebrate Peace

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Today let's celebrate peace by continuing to protect, maintain, and preserve our peace no matter what is going on in the world. Let's continue to celebrate our peace by allowing ourselves to be at a good emotional place within ourselves instead of soaking up all the ugly injustices in the world. In this episode I go a little into detail about my upbringing and how I ended up doing what I'm doing today. Just know that we can still do what God has promised us He wants us to to, so stay encouraged as you continue to protect your peace in these challenging days. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 40 - My Commentary on the George Floyd Killing

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. My commentary on the George Floyd Killing. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 39 - Keep Visualizing What You Want In Your Life

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. This day of the Protecting My Peace series is another day to reminder us to keep visualizing what we want for our lives. Sometimes we look around and if it seems like everyone is doing more than we are in our personal lives or business, then that's it! We throw in the towel. We can't do that. We have to stay with the positive and productive things we're doing even it it seems like we're starting low and not getting anywhere. Don't listen to the noise. Stay focused, because starting low is a good thing. It's foundation-building and it's process-experiencing, which leads to us be able to eventually help others after we get to where we want to go. You get it? What I'm saying is not to despise humble, small, or meager beginnings. Stay encouraged in what God has for you and you will get there in due time. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 38 - My Faith Model

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. This is day three of the series within the series where we're talking about my Faith Model or aka the ABG Model. It' s a model I have been using for years to climb to level to level. Although I'm far off from where I want to be, I've come a mighty long way by using this model. The model is: A-Affirmations, B-Belief, and G-Grind. Each one is important in climbing to the new and exciting levels the Lord God has for us. It's crucial to have all three. We can't level-up with just one or two. It's a continuous process of all three that repeats itself. Now, let's talk about Grind. Are you grinding? Are you showing up? Are you working? James 2:17 says faith without works in dead, so we have to show up and "show out" for ourselves if we're going to achieve the goals we want in our lives. When we have all three, we're on to something amazing, yet the glorious process continues on and that's per

Protecting My Peace - Day 37 - My Faith Model is the Reason I Show Up

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. We're still talking about the Faith Model, aka the ABG Model, which is A-Affirmations; B-Belief, and G-Grind. My Faith Model is the reason I still show up everyday and it's why I still help myself and help others. It's what makes me tick from sun-up to sun-down. It plays into my "why" kinda sorta. The button line is that we have to believe in something bigger than ourselves in the spirit and in the natural. For me, it's Jesus Christ, as well as, my friends, my coach, and a few others. We have to believe positive, productive, and powerful things over our lives. We are what we think we are (Proverbs 23:7). Who and what do you believe? Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 36 - My Faith Model Involves Affirmations, Belief, and Grind

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Sometimes I get a common question about how I continue to show up and maintain consistency. Today I'm going to share with you how I changed my life for the better. It's called the Faith Model or the ABG Model, which is A-Affirmations: speak positively and powerfully over our lives; B-Belief: believing great will happen in our lives; and G-Grind: doing the work that will get us where we want to be in our lives. Today we talk about Affirmations. Affirmations is about positive self-talk. Are you speaking positively and powerfully over your life? No matter what happened, is happening now, or will happen, we can speak what we want. We can also pray to God (Jesus), which is speaking and communicating with Him through words. The Faith Model has worked and continues to work in my life. That's how I keep showing up and moving from level to level. And that's how I help others in my coaching to do the same. We can all get wha

Protecting My Peace - Day 35 - Do You Know God's Vision for Your Life?

Click to listen to the latest podcast episode. Do you know God's vision for your life? Or I should ask, do you know the part of the vision He gives you a glimpse to see? If you know your vision, then great. If you do not know your vision, then keep seeking God (Matthew 6:33) in finding out the big picture He has for your life. How do you do that? Continuously talking to Him and asking Him questions. Knowing our goals and our vision is a big part of protecting an preserving our peace. Write down your goals somewhere and keep them in the same place. It will really help your life. Really. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 34 - The Supporters and Helpers

Click to listen to today's Protecting My Peace podcast episode. When we think about protecting our peace, we can remember that sometimes there will be supporters/helpers and sometimes there will not. If we are ok, focused, and diligent in getting what God says has our name on -- next level, then we will be just fine. It's when we start getting distracted and off our post that we start sinking. When we stay in a positive/productive emotional space then we will recognize sincere genuine authentic support/helps when it comes. So don't get "mad", get glad; no worries, just be happy. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 33 - Keep Grinding Despite the Lack of Support

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Regarding protecting our peace, let's talk about support or lack thereof. Do you get the support you want from the people you want it from? If so, awesome. If not, well it's probably not you. It's that we want support from people who may not be able to give it. If people are drained and running on empty, we can't expect them to support us. And whether they support us or not, we have to go ahead without them and proceed full stream forward. Don't let lack of support bother you. God will bring in the people who are best for you. You just wait. It will happen. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 32 - Boredom Has Lead to Greatness and Failures

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to protecting your peace, what do you do when you get bored? I'm talking pre-pandemic bored and post-pandemic bored? Just remember this: boredom has led to greatness and boredom has led to failures. Thus, boredom has led to great investments and inventions and boredom has led to great desperation and despair. Of course we want the former -- we want greater, better, and abundance, which means we have to think twice when we're bored and use our time very wisely. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 31 - Asking For Help is Paramount to Emotional Health

Click to listen to today's podcast message. When it comes to protecting our peace, asking for help is paramount to our emotional health. Do you ask for help? This is a big world and there are many people who can help us. All we have to do is have the wisdom and insight to pick the right one. However, if we don't seek answers to the problems or issues we may be experiencing, getting the help we need may be difficult. There are resources to help us and some of those resources are in seeking a life coach, therapist, or counselor. There are trustworthy people with integrity who will help you sort out some things and will not share your information with anyone. Seek those people and be ok with asking for help. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 30 - Being Consistent Can Be a Game-Changer

Click to listen to today's podcast. Today's message is about consistency. Yes, showing up when we're supposed to be where we say we're supposed to be. That can be whatever it means to you. It doesn't have to be showing up physically. It can mean showing up emotionally, spiritually, or financially for instance and doing that consistently. It's about walking the walk instead of simply talking the talk, because as we know, talk is cheap. At any rate, consistency is doing the positive and productive things we are supposed to do, which helps protect and maintain our peace. It also helps protect and maintain the peace of the people we show up for. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 29 - I Finally Learned to Stop Being a People-pleaser

Click to listen to podcast episode. How's protecting your peace going these days? Are you settling? Are you getting less than what God has for your life? I settled many times in my life and I finally learned to stop being a people-pleaser and I finally learned to put myself first. Today, I confidently and humbly stand for what I want and need in my life. That attitude of respect for myself has helped me in so many ways and levels of my life. It's about knowing who God says we are and when we know that, we don't settle for less just to make others comfortable. It's about positioning ourselves around positive people with the values and goals we have. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 28 - Be Peaceful Even When You Mess Up

Do you know when it comes to protecting our peace, there are ways we can remain peaceful even if we mess up? Yes, it's true. When we drop the ball and fall short we can take time to reflect about what we could have done differently. I had to do that yesterday when I messed up during an engagement I had, but I decided to consult God, first. I owed it, then I made the decision to focus on what I should have done in the first place. That's what I'm working on now and great things are coming out of it. What I'm saying is that we don't have to make it a big deal when we disappoint ourselves. We can use any mishap as an opportunity for growth and new developments. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 27 - God Said Don't Look Back

God said don't look back. Yes, in Genesis 19 He told Lot's wife not to look back on the things He was destroying -- the cites of Sodom and Gomorrah -- He was destroying all the things that meant His people no good. Yet, Lot's wife looked back and she turned into a pillar of salt. She was no more. That's a reminder that God doesn't want us to look back either. He wants us to take our testimony and tell others the lessons of our lives. He wants us to help people just as He did, continuous to do, and will do. What I mean is that we can do things in the ways He will have us to do them according to the will He has over our lives. Yes, we can say, "what would Jesus do?" Then proceed accordingly as we look forward to all the great things He has for us. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 26 - Do You dream?

Do you dream? Are you moving towards your dream? Dreams don't have to be huge to live the life God has for us. Dreams don't have to be hard either. They can be something we do everything that can bring us even more abundance and blessings. We can start small and stay small. If we can do it, someone else wants to be a part of it. Dream and do your dream everyday. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 25 - Take Up Space

Click to listen to today's podcast. Are you taking up space? What kind of space are you taking up? Positive space? Today, more than ever we have the absolute right to walk in the confidence God gives us, which means we can make our presence know in the most humble way. We can make our presence know by making a positive splash and positive impact. Yes, that's right, Psalm 139:14 tells us we're fearfully and wonderfully made; 2 Corinthians 5:17 says we're new creations in Christ Jesus, 2 Timothy 1:7 says God never gives us a spirit of timidity, fear, anxiety, or nervousness. He gives us a spirit of power, love, and self-control/self-discipline, and Galatians 5:22/23 says there are fruits of the spirit we can walk tall in. So, take up space.  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 24 - Stay with God, He's Going to Come Through For You

Click to listen to today's podcast. This is my pep talk to you -- keep going forward and stay in the game. It's easy to get distracted and down because things don't seem to be moving, but stay with it -- stay with what you want in your life and the lives of those you love. Stay with God. He's going to come through for you, no worries. Remember, protecting our peace is about taking care of ourselves no matter what is in front us. It doesn't matter what challenges are facing us, we can move to new heights of abundance anyway. I want to remind you of that. Stay with it. These words are for you once again. God's got you. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 23 - Protecting Your Peace Takes Focus

Click to listen to daily podcast Do you know that protecting our peace requires focus? Yes, focus on the things we want to do in our lives -- what we want God to do and letting nothing get in our way. Find someone who has a great work-ethic and who has achieved a level you want to be. Adopt some of their traits. We all need models of success and focus who can help inspire us to greatness too. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 22 - Be Yourself No Matter What People Think

Regarding protecting our peace, we can be ourselves in spite of what others may want us to be. We can't concern ourselves with people who want us to be who they want us to be and don't accept us. God accepts us when we're walking in who He made us to be -- in our authenticity -- in the creation He made us (Genesis 1:26/27). So we don't need to waste a minute with the people who try to gaslight (manipulate) us into being who we're not. We can and must walk in the boldness of the Lord God. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 21 - Being the First to Apologize Takes Courage

                                                       Click to listen to today's po dcast What do you think about communication when it comes to protecting your peace? Do you know as leaders and even as non-leaders, the right communication is one of the keys to peace? Sometimes being the first to apologize, send a note of thanks or well-wishes even if it's not reciprocated, is the right thing to do? Remember, saying or doing the right thing or righting a wrong takes courage. Also remember that when doing those things, we do them because they're the way Jesus would have us to do them. When we do things unto Him, we can't go wrong no matter if man ever acknowledges it. So, keep communicating effectively. God sees it. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 20 - What and Who Speaks Into Your Life?

When it comes to protecting our peace, what do we listen to and who do we listen to? If we're listening to the news alot, than our emotions are probably running the gamut of fear, anxiety, sadness, and probably even depression. Listening to things that don't protect our peace and may be causing other problems for us. We have the choice to change the station. We have power and control over our lives to chose what we let in and when we let those things in. Remember that as we continue to go out of our way to continuously protect our peace. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 19 - Focus Is Key to Innovating and Creating New Things

When it comes to protecting our peace, how is our focus? Because let me tell you, focus is the key to innovating and creating new things. Focus protects our peace because it invites thinking and assessing in tweaking and learning lessons from our experiences. We can't be distracted by the noise. Yet we can't minimize the "Under Construction" sign -- it's sometimes a good thing, because it means growth and building. Continue to focus on what promotes positive and production. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 18 - Protecting Your Peace Goes Beyond Feelings

Do you know protecting our peace is pushing through no matter how we feel? Protecting our peace goes beyond feelings. We have to see the vision, show up, and do the work if we are to move to next level endeavors. We can find something we love doing, do it, bless people, and continue the process of fine-tuning our craft. Push through. Protecting My Peace Workbook