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Protecting My Peace - Day 87 - Will You Be Better Off Next Year?

Click listen to today's podcast episode. Although none of can predict the future, we can at least prepare for it. My questions regarding that are this: since time is going to pass anyway, where do you see yourself in a year? Will you be the same, better, or worse? Will you be closer to living the dream you have for your life? Will be operating in your online business no matter how small? Do you see yourself in a better place?  Envisioning where we want to be and what we want to be doing, is paramount to a successful business and life. We have to at least "see" it -- we have at least see what God has for us. I've come to encourage you to work towards doing something everything to build your online business and you will get there. It won't be overnight, but you will get there. Believe it. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 86 - Doing Great Things, Takes Great Effort

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to your online business or future online business, what is your nitche'? What is the thing you love doing? Do you know the gift God has given you can multiply the more you use it? Are you using your gift? Do you know what it is? Just know it's going to take effort and no matter what the reality is, we can still do what we want to do in life. It doesn't matter how long it's taking, we can still look forward and get what we want. God will move those mountains into the sea. In order to become stronger in your gift and building your online business, continue reading this blog and listening to this podcast in order to stay informed and focused. When we're informed and focused it's easier to stand confident. When we stand confident, guess what? We will believe on new and exciting levels in going to where God has for us to go. Believe it. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 85 - The Cycles of Life, Time to Change Connections

Click to listen to today's podcast episode Get ready for the shifting. Sometimes in the different cycles of life, we have to go in diverging directions from people we have connected with. Those connections may have been for a long time, but it may be time to shift and move from them. What I mean is that the alignment with certain people has changed and that's ok. No hard feelings. We may still value and believe the same things, but the specific things we have going on differs from they have going on. We have shifted to a new attitude of bigger when they have an attitude of smaller. We still love each other and we still wish each other well, it's just that things are different now and we are starting to align with new and exciting thinkers. So be alright with God who may well be the author of things shifting in your life and when that's the case, all will definitely be ok. It really will. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 84 - Watch Who You Let Speak Into Your Life

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Regarding your gift and protecting your peace, we have to watch who we let speak into our lives. Who are we listening to? Are we around eagles or chickens? Do we let people talk us out of doing what lives in our heart regarding creating different things for our brand and our products for our business? Listen, whatever you want to do, do it as long as you know it's right for you and your business. If you're around great coaches, consultants, and mentors who are giving you good feedback that you can weigh in what's right for your business, go with it. What I'm saying is that we can listen to the wisdom of the people who want greater for us. And can weed out the noise and the distractions, because they are coming from negative places. So know who you are and who you want to serve and keep moving in that direction. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 83 - Are You Afraid of Using Your Gift?

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. I want to continue talking about our God-given gift and fear. Are we afraid of using our gift? Are we letting people talk us out of being focused towards what our gift will do for us and where our gift will take us? Are we planting that gift in good soil, nourishing that gift, and giving it the TLC it needs? We have to continue building despite what we may see around us. We can't let fear get the best of us. I used to operate out of fear and didn't know it until I got out of it. Now I can think back and say, 'oh no, I now realize how I used to think and no mas! I don't ever want to think in a self-defeatist way. I know God has more for me and my business.'  Bottom line: keep moving forward no matter what you may see in the natural. Keep your eye on the vision God has for you and do something everyday to appreciate that gift. It doesn't matter what is around us, we can use our gift for good; to help people; and to b

Protecting My Peace - Day 82 - It's Ok To Make Money With Your Gift

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Let's continue our conversation on your God-given gift. Remember it's ok to make money in your gift, but answer this question: are you using your gift to help yourself and to help others? Do you have your eye on God's vision for your life? If so, great, keep walking towards it. If not, that's ok, but it's time to start walking towards it. Yes, it's time to stop being afraid. It's time to go forth and multiply. Use your gift for good and God will see to it that you are even more blessed in your life and your business. God will see to it that you will continue to be blessed when you are serving people using our gift. He will do that for everyone of us. Yes, He will. Don't be afraid to do something everyday to build your gift. You will grow better and stronger each day. Then your online business will eventually come as a result. You can do it. You really can. YOU. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 81 - Don't Worry About the Social Media Joneses

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Reminder: you have no competition. Got it? Great. As I said during yesterday's podcast episode (Protecting My Peace - Day 80), we have no competition, so continue to build your business going full steam ahead. We can't worry about the social media and internet Joneses. All we can do is stay in our lane and when the Lord God tells us to change course, we do just that. As long as we're in tune with what He is saying, then growth will happen even if it's later than sooner. There was a time in my life when I was afraid of rejection, afraid of judgment, afraid of failure, and afraid of success. As a result I didn't move on my deepest desires. One of those desires was to speak publicly, which is what I'm doing today. I will speak more about this on tomorrow's episode (Protecting My Peace - Day 82). Just know that you can do what you want and be what you want. Just give yourself time and be open to embracing people.

Protecting My Peace - Day 80 - You Have No Competition

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to protecting your inner peace and the peace of your business, do you know you have no competition? Nope, you don't. There are people doing what you do, but they are no threat or competition, so run your own race. Run the race God has set for you and only you. Hebrews 12:1 says , "therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" (NIV) and another version is, "therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us." (NLT). Bottom line, stay focused on what you're doing in your life and business and you will make it, because you will be more narrow a

Protecting My Peace - Day 79 - Your Gift Blesses You to Be a Blessing

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. How are you doing with your God-given gifts? Are you using them to the best of your ability? Your gifts will still make room for you (Proverbs 18:16), remember that. And also remember that our gifts are not only for us, they're for us to be a blessing in order to bless others. They're not for selfish gain or to say 'look at me, look at me.' Our gifts are to expand the things God wants us to expand regarding His kingdom of light, love, justice, equal rights, peace, joy, and things similar to those. If our gift is not promoting any relating to those things, then there's a problem and perhaps we may not be using our gifts properly. So if you're using and living your gift every day, continue to do that as you improve your life and the lives of others around you. Nothing is too small when we're grinding every day. Keep using those gifts. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 78 - Don't Let Other People Live Your Dream

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. How are you doing today? Are you encouraging yourself in the Lord God? I certainly hope so and I've come to remind you that you will do what God said you would do -- yes, you will do the special things that live in your heart that God put there. Don't you give up, because of what things seem like in the natural scheme of things -- don't you give up, because it seems everyone else is living your dream. No, you WILL survive and you WILL thrive. Do you believe how much God has for you? Do you believe the vision hasn't moved? Well, believe it, because it's true. God still has the best for you and He wants the best for you. The vision is still there. If God brought me out from a dark place I was going through a hard time years ago, He will do the same for you. Yes, you can live every ounce of the dream He has for you. Yes, you can live the gift that has been deliberately placed in your heart. God will do it. Yes, He will. S

Protecting My Peace - Day 77 - Show Up For Yourself and Show Up For Others

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. This is a continuation of our discussion on the importance of doing more. And when we commit to something, doing more may simply mean showing up. Do you show up for yourself? Do you show up for others? Who do you show up for? I remember a time when I didn't want to show up -- I didn't want to get up for a commitment I made. I was to be at a walking event and it included networking. Yet when the morning of the event came I didn't want to get up and get going, but I thought about the event organizer and decided that going was the right thing to do no matter how I felt. I ended up going and I made a great friend with a person who also showed up. We were of two different ethnic background (me, black and she, white). We immediately made a fast business connection -- diversity at work once again when we are willing to go outside our comfort zones by showing up and doing more, right? At any rate, we can do more by showing up for pe

Protecting My Peace - Day 76 - Doing More May Mean Being Inconvenienced

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Are you doing more in your personal life and business? Doing more may mean being inconvenienced, which can also mean going out our way in order to get blessings for our lives. When someone conducts training, workshops, or other functions, do we sign up, enroll, or register, but don't show up? Do we make excuses as the days and hours come upon us? Do we convince ourselves that we have something more important to do when we don't? If that's the case, then we're probably missing out on important information and key resources that will help us go forward. Consider this: the people who show up -- who do more -- are the ones who will get more abundance. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 75 - You May Be the First in Your Family to Get Abundance and Prosperity

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. What are you doing to continue showing up for yourself? Are you striving and thriving? That's what we have to do in order to continue going forward. It doesn't matter what we are going through, if we want to get ahead -- if we want to get to the vision we have for our lives, we must trudge on. You can have what you want, you can have a better life, and you can get what Proverbs 13:22 says, which is, "a good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous." That means you can help your family and friends. You can leave something for them. And you can also be the first in your family to get the abundance and prosperity God promises any of us. Bottom line: keep going, keep grinding, and keep your head lifted towards heaven. God's got you. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 74 - Continue to Protect Your Peace by Setting Boundaries

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Regarding protecting our peace, we have to keep on keeping on, on what we need to do as we continue protecting our peace and setting boundaries in our lives. Yes, we are still talking about those boundaries of protection, because they help maintain our joy and peace. Boundaries also help us get clearer in our minds in where we are going, as well as, enable us to get around the right people. Be around the people who are positive and helpful who can serve as mentors, coaches, and consultants and give us feedback in love with our best interest at heart. Be around the people who care about us and want to steer us in the right direction. We can also be that same type of person as we help encourage people, as well. Win - win - win. Continue to set those boundaries. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 73 - Stay Around Positive and Productive People

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. In this sub-series on boundaries, we are still talking about protecting your peace by staying around positive and productive people. Weed out the negative and toxic, because we must be around the things that will make us grow, not die in spirit. Setting boundaries allows us to focus and prosper in what God has for our lives. We are doing nothing wrong when we set boundaries in a polite, respectful, and considerate way. We do not have to say or do anything negative or ugly in the process. Being the stronger person is about displaying the traits Jesus had and continues to bestow on us. Jesus always took the higher road and He always maintained a position of love and strength. We can be more like Jesus too as we set boundaries in our lives. Remember that. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 72 - Setting Boundaries Is Important In Your Life

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. How are you doing with setting boundaries in your life? We are still on the sub-series of boundaries and the importance of setting them in your life. They must be established in order to keep out the people who do you no good. Do you there are people who will take advantage of our kindness in a minute if we let them? So we have to remain diligent and protect our peace always. When we do that, then we can build in emotionally, spiritually, and physically strong environments for our lives and the lives of others we will help. That's what happened when I finally started to know, believe, and walk in what God was telling me -- I started having boundaries. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 71 - Why It's Important to Have Boundaries

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. In our Protecting My Peace 'Sub-series' we are still discussing boundaries and why it's important to have them. It's about valuing ourselves and standing strong in self-respect regarding how others treat us. Setting boundaries may involve saying goodbye to having others in our lives if they can't adhere to being respectful and considerate towards us and others, at a minimum. Setting boundaries may involve distancing ourselves from people who love drama because of their toxic world they live their lives in. It's ok to walk away from those people until there is a consistent amount of positive and productive treatment by them. Take nothing less than top treatment. I'm not saying people should bow down to us, of course not. I'm just saying we are value (Psalm 139:14) and people can respect us just as we respect them with no abuse from either party. Setting boundaries has made me feel better about myself and th

Protecting My Peace - Day 70 - Protect Your Peace Against "Abusive" People

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. We are still talking about boundaries, which involve protecting us against "abusive" people -- emotionally abusive people. It's important to stay away from people who try to steal our peace and joy. If that means not partaking in their nonsense, so be it, because we will be better off for it in our personal and business lives. It's something I have started doing when I finally opened my eyes to what was being done regarding the negativity spewing out from certain people. I had enough and now I am in a better place of refocus on the things that really matter. So, set boundaries from the people who don't respect you or your voice. You will be fine as you continue your climb upwards and God will bring better people into your life. It will happen as you continue the positive road of success and victory. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 69 - Set Boundaries for Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Health

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Continue to protect your peace and part of that means setting boundaries in order to maintain our emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Don't let any person get in the way of that. There are some people who are negative, narcissistic, and toxic who want to take us off our top performance and off our peak performance. We can't let that stop us. We must carry on with the God-given gift He has given us. Whatever that gift is, focus is key to moving to new levels and helping the people who need to hear from us. Don't feel bad for protecting your peace and setting boundaries for your personal and business life. You're not doing anything wrong. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 68 - Diversity Is Key to Having the Most Productive Environments

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to protecting your peace, it's important to focus on you emotional health and the health of your business. If you have started a business, awesome, keep building. If you haven’t started a business yet, let my messages continue to inspire to you start one. No matter what though, keep this in mind: diversity is key to having the best and most productive environments. Different races bring different perspectives based on an individual's walk and their experiences, which are needed in any business, as well as, in life. So continue to expand your mind and your business. You will be better for it. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 67 - Distance Yourself From Certain People, Places, and Things

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. How are you doing regarding protecting your peace? Are you taking breaks? There's nothing wrong with doing going on a brief hiatus. In fact, I recommend it. We all need to continue to reflect, yes, however, sometimes we have to isolate ourselves from our surroundings. Jesus did that, so it's all good. Just know that if anything is getting in the way of you showing up strong, weed it out by deleting it from your life. That may mean distancing yourself from certain people, places, and things. And as a reminder for all business owners/entrepreneurs, what are you doing regarding diversity and bringing in people who look, think, and act differently than you? We have to give people a chance to come into our businesses. We can indeed do that as we continue to keep our standards and values high. There are many people who will be an added benefit to your business. Check them out. Free  Protecting My Peace Workbook