Monday, February 29, 2016

Stay and Fight

You ever been challenged in your emotions? In your health? At your job? With your friends? With this happen? I didn't even do or say anything wrong and I'm attacked? People are against me?" Have you ever had an experience so bad, it ripped you to the core?
your family? You ever been challenged with life's circumstances? You ever been so broken you wondered how you would make it? You ever had anything happen to you that was so painful you asked yourself, "how did

I have.
The sun comes out after a storm.
Yet I stayed and I fought. I decided to face my giants head on. I decided to face my storms straight up. And I decided early on that I would not retreat. That's not what a great warrior does. I would not give up. That's not what a great champion does. I would not claim defeat. That's not what a great winner does. I would not stay in my bed, I would not stay away from church, and I would not stay away from the word of God. That's not what superstars do. And just in case anyone tells you, you are not a warrior or you are not a champion or you are not a winner or you are not a superstar, the mere fact that you are reading this says the total opposite. And if anyone doubts that, accept nothing less as you tell them this:  

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Not Getting Older, Getting Better

Like a beautiful flower.
I got older, I would often hear my mother say, "I'm not getting older, I'm getting better." If you were around her long enough you were going to eventually hear her say those words too. It got to the point where that phrase was almost like her life's motto. I loved hearing her say them. She was such a faithful woman and she would say those faith-filled words with gusto, humor, and sincerity. They rang true in her life more and more. In a lot of ways she sure did get better, because she wanted to. I loved her even more, because she was willing to do the hard work to be a better person. Her memory will always be of a woman I will continue to strive to emulate. She loved us with all her heart. She loved God too and He ensured her words came true. He made it so she was right. In a sense she didn't get older. 

She got newer.

Her better was her newer and better.

She told us she loved us more. She apologized more. She walked more. She traveled more. She became more forgiving. She was more patient. She praised the Lord more. She went to church more. She tithed more. She just overall loved more. I could see the evidence of all her efforts to get better as she grew newer. It was obvious. 

That's part of the reason why, when we speak positive words over our lives, positive things happen. That's why I saw my mother expressing the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) more than ever before in her life. I so loved, appreciated, and respected her for that. What an awesome model we were shown by her life. I thank God.

I'm sure that's why I saw peace on her as she got better and newer.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Push, It's Coming

The pain allows us to soar to new heights as we help others.
Sometimes when I think back to when I had my kids, I am reminded of the scripture in Genesis 3 when God tells Adam and Eve that women will bear much pain during childbirth. Whew, let me remind those who ever doubted the word of God, His word never lies. Just look around. There's proof all around you. You are proof yourself, because your mother had you and at some point during your birth there was pain. So either way you look at it, just think about how God is in everything. The bible is the truth y'all.

Our testimonies are further proof of its truth. 

Childbirth was one of those times when I can for sure tell you about my testimony. I was in much pain. It was indescribable. When you're going through it you will typically say, "never again." And the people around you should get out of your face quick, fast and in a hurry, at best. Yes, it was that bad, it was a rough hard time. It was like it would never end. It was no joke, I'm telling you.

Then it's all over. 

And when you see that miracle from God, all you can think about was how much it was worth it. You can't believe it. It's almost like an out of body experience when you just think about the amazement of God. It's one of those high spiritual moments. Only God can do that. How anyone can deny He exists really perplexes me.


We all feel pain. We have all felt pain. Your pain. My pain. It means something. God will use it for His glory, to show people who He is. So that means He has great things in store for those who believe. He doesn't want us to live in pain. He wants us to be better because of our pain. Why would He want us to believe in Him for nothing? Why would He not want goodness for us? Why would He want us to go through all of that and nothing good come of it? Then who would believe Him? Just think about that for a minute.

God makes sense.

I'm just glad I pushed. It was worth it. The rewards came. I'm better for it. The blessings were manifested. God's plan came to fruition. His promises were delivered. If I survived that, I can survive anything. So can you. We can make a difference. We can help people. Our pain for other peoples gain. None of it was for nothing.

I'm ready. You ready? Let's go.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

No Doubt

Don't ever doubt what the Lord said will come to fruition, because it's taking "forever." It WILL come to you, you will get it, the experience will be manifested, because it's impossible for the Lord's promises to come back empty. Nevertheless, I too, know that feeling of "The Wait", but guess what? That lil devil lies, you know. Uh huh.

So when you start to get discouraged, you're not alone, I also go there from time to time. But, it's a momentary/temporary feeling that I know is not from God. And if it doesn't come from God, I'm not feeling it. 

Ya feel me?

That's all.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016


I read these awesome words today in Matthew 11:28-30 (this is Jesus speaking):
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
This is a mouth full isn't it?

All we have to do is bring our issues, situations, and circumstances to Jesus and He's got us. That's it? Wow. Why wouldn't everybody want to do that? Hmmmmm.

Anyway, I love the bible, because it is the most awesome book in the world. It is the most powerful book in the world.

Reading the bible.

Writing about the bible.

Being better, smarter, and faster, because of the bible.

Do people know just how blessed we are to be able to partake in such an endeavor? 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Day

Many of us have heard this scripture before, "This is the day the Lord has made, let's rejoice and be glad in it", right? It comes from Psalm 118:24. It's one of my favorite scriptures. Like certain words, lyrics, and names, there are some scriptures I just love repeating. Certain scriptures just get me in a good happy mood. They remind me that everything is going to be alright no matter what.

So, yes this day and tomorrow and even yesterday are all days the Lord has made and guess what? I refuse to think anything less than them being great days, simply because the Lord made them and He wants lil ole me to enjoy every last one of them.

Why would I not rejoice and be glad for that? Comon now.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


You ever wonder how it is that people lose weight? Or become financially fit? Or get promoted?

We don't have to really think hard, because we probably know the people who have done at least one of those things or all three maybe. We may even be one of those people. I do know there is a formula to success, with several moving parts.

Preparation is part of the formula.

The reason I think I'm not as successful (my definition of it) as I would like to be, is because of my lack of preparation. Focus plus consistency plus a plan added together equals preparation. Prepared people are ready for the future. Prepared people do things over and over even when they don't feel like doing them. This is how great habits are developed.

For instance:
If they want to get in shape, they eat right and work out. It becomes habit. If they want to become financially fit, they don't spend frivolously, they spend wisely. It becomes habit. If they want to get promoted, they work hard, don't gossip about their their coworkers or their boss -- they have integrity. It becomes habit. Whatever areas we discipline ourselves in, are the areas we excel in.

I'm finally starting to understand that.

Monday, February 22, 2016

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Be encouraged in the Lord.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Second Wind

The Lord will give you renewed energy.
Years back I used to run 5k and 10k runs. The 5k's were 3.1 miles and the 10k's were 6.2 miles. When I ran I would either start off at a good speed or start off too fast. Depending on the terrain, some of those runs seemed so long and exhausting that it was hard to go forward another inch. Sometimes I would often feel as though it would be almost impossible to win or even place, because it seemed I was losing energy with every step I took. Because of those changing elements, those were the most difficult races. Sometimes it was like running uphill the entire time. I would run to win, but that winning didn't always happen without a fight and overcoming temporary discomfort. But well into the race, something amazing often happened. 

I would get a burst of energy at just about the time I felt like giving up. This energy, this second-wind, would just come out of nowhere it seemed and I would take off like a rocket passing the same people who passed me a while back in the run. It was the greatest feeling and I never looked back either. When it was all over I usually came in first place or I placed among the top 3 women.

I loved it.

That's how I feel when it comes to God. Just when you think you can't get through another challenging situation, the Lord will give you another round of strength. He'll give you a second wind that is so awesome you can't help but be amazed at the Lord's work once again. He will enable us to do great feats and accomplish amazing things, that we have no choice but to know it had to be God. And just like my runs, we'll think of our past struggles and how we overcame them. Then be able to walk in a Godly confidence that God will get us through any and everything...

...through our faith, that is.

Faith is the trust and belief that God can and will do the things we cannot. Just like my 5k and 10k runs, I did all I could do and when I couldn't do anymore God came in. You see, He gives us the ability to do things naturally and He comes in and does the supernatural. That's how He operates. So whenever we think we want to stop what it is God has us doing, we must keep going, because I'm telling you, He will give us that burst of energy and we will come in first place or we will place among the winners.

And that's not such a bad place to be. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Watch Out

Does anyone remember when Kanye West got on the stage during the 2009 Grammy Awards and took over Taylor Swift's mic when he thought Beyoncé deserved the award instead of her? Well, after that happened many more people knew who Taylor Swift was. I mean almost every major news outlet carried the story. It was huge. So huge that Kanye said he, 'put her on the map.' Fast forward to the 2016 Grammys and Taylor makes a memorable speech that many are saying was meant for Kanye.

What she said got me thinking, because she had a point. This is a summary of her acceptance speech: '...there are going to be people along the way who will try to take credit for your accomplishments/fame, but don’t let those people sidetrack you because when you look around, you’ll know it was you and the people who love you who got you there" (

My first interpretation of what Taylor Swift said is this (to which I totally agree): watch out for the people who say they're responsible for your success, because they told you something they think is a great revelation or so profound. Watch out for the people who went out their way to do some things for you only to say, "after all I did for her", when you helped them too. Usually these people are not telling you anything you didn't already know. Usually these people didn't do anything more special than you did for each other. And be careful about letting such people "help" you, because many times they're only trying to help themselves. It doesn't take too long to figure them out. The best thing to do is to steer clear of them.

The bottom line is that Taylor Swift was already popular before Kanye West stormed the stage. What he meant for her demise, instead catapulted her into the mainstream faster than she would have probably gotten there, without his big mouth.

Isn't it fascinating in the world of Christiandome when the Lord will set a table before your enemies when they want to say or do something against you only for it to blow up in their faces? My second interpretation of Taylor's message to Kanye is: 'if you're trying to ride my bootstraps, because you see something in me that can perhaps help yourself, then I will kindly ask you to please have several seats, because you are found out. I don't need your put-ups or tear-downs. Oh and your input to my success? Zero.'

Moral of the story?

We have to watch what we say, do, and how we act around the people who see our greatness and want to go along for the ride when they are doing absolutely nothing to help us get there. If they're not praying for us and our family, if they're not sticking with us, if they don't accept us for us, and if they're not there for us whenever we need them, then I have another speech Taylor could have used: "Bye Bye."

Be smart. 

Use Your Pain

Pain happens to us all. That's just a fact of life.

But this is the thing, just because pain happens to us, doesn't mean we want others to feel pain too. Did you know our pain is not just for ourselves? It's also for us to help people get through their pain. Our pain is to show people how God brought us out of despair and how He can and will bring others out of their low too. If you went through it, God has a bigger message for you to bring others through it too. Yes you. 

God wants to use you. 

I'm telling you, it's true. God really wants us to take everything we went through, to show people who He is. That's the way we will begin to help people. He is God and He is the reason for all seasons. In other words, God is the orchestrator of our lives and He wants us to be a model for Him whenever He deems us ready to walk down His runway. His runway lasts forever. 

Whether we did something to cause pain or pain was directed at us, we still feel pain. Pain is pain. Nevertheless, God is the God of the possible and the impossible. He is also a forgiving God. He allows things at His will, because He's God all by himself. Nobody controls God. God controls everything, every place, and everybody. To fight that is an utter waste of time and a dangerous thing, as well (but that's another article). Now, why would a great and awesome God allow pain in our lives? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Ok, I'll ask it another way. What does God want us to do with the pain and grief we experienced? 

Here's the answer:

At a minimum, God wants us to do whatever it is we do naturally in order to help people. He has given us those gifts we were born with, to inspire, to uplift, to encourage, and to be a lamp set high on a lampstand for others to see. And when people see us -- yes they will see our pain -- they must see our pain, God will enable them to see Him.

You get it? 

God wants others to use our pain, because He wants them to gain from our pain. That "gain" will look different for everybody and it will be such a joyous freedom, that people will know it was God. And that is the most important thing to remember. 

When people see God that means lives will change forever and for the better. That is what God wants. Let Him use you and trust and believe it will be ok. You won't fail, trust Him

Consistency is the Key

Let me just be real, being consistent is sometimes hard. 

Very hard. make a positive impact, consistency means doing what needs to be done over and over again. Yes, although Lebron James makes basketball look easy, he has to practice alot, again and again, rain or shine, happy or sad, good or bad. If he wants the prizes, he has to pay the price and he has to sacrifice. I doubt if he's always in the mood for all of that. 

Yet the rewards are great. 

Consistency is focused practice, full dedication, and extreme commitment. It is one of the hardest things to do. I don't know anybody who is consistent in every area of their lives. In fact I am pretty bad myself when it comes to doing certain things I know I should be doing. Let's take working out for example. In my twenties I was obsessed with fitness, but now it's just something I have to do in order to stay healthy. If I didn't have to workout, I wouldn't. That's why I carry around a few extra pounds I should have lost (and kept off) a long time ago.

Why is consistency so hard?

To do things we are not that fond of or doing the things we may even love, brings certain negative emotions when we have to do them day in and day out and that makes doing them, sometimes harder, not easier. Like getting up every morning to go to that mediocre job we hate or disciplining our kids to do their homework every night or laying off those Doritos that call us late at night or staying out of that mall that has all of our favorite stores we just know will have something in there just for us...the list goes on. 

We all have our areas, we all have our issues.

Yet, this is what I keep telling myself: I will push through anyway, because pushing through is the only way success and helping people are going to happen. It won't come easy, but what worthwhile endeavor ever does? The thing that keeps pushing me is that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has so more much waiting for me (see the Prophet Jeremiah). And, because of that, I will push myself to do those things I don't want to do. I will push through the difficult, I will push through the boring, I will push through it all, because I know the promises of God.

I believe His prophets and I prosper.

Monday, February 15, 2016

People Notice Us

Have you ever said something and a little while later you hear the very thing from someone else? Or you may do something and before you know it someone else is doing the same exact thing? Or perhaps you wear something and the next minute others are copying your style? I have news for you: you are a leader. You may even be a trailblazer. Trailblazers do things first. They're innovators and trendsetters. They "blaze" the trail for others to follow. Oftentimes they don't even have to try hard. They make things look easy just being themselves. People admire them.

Now, the question to those leaders is, are you leading people to heaven or hell? That, my dear comrades, is the million dollar question.

Where are we leading them?

Some of us may think that what we do doesn't affect others, but what we do, can and will be used against us if we're not careful. How? Well, if anyone falls because of us and because of the position of influence God has placed us in, then we hold some responsibility for that fall whether we think it's fair or not. We just need to realize that some of the people watching us are taking notes. These people may be our kids, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, or friends. And none are coincidences. Such occurrences are based on the position and order of how God set things up. I know it's not an easy walk and perhaps we fall short. If that happens, all we can do is apologize, repent, regroup, and begin again.

God is a merciful God and He will redeem His people.

It's great when the people we influence follow us. There's nothing wrong with that at all. If God placed us in a position of influence, then we have to take that seriously, because...

...people notice us. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stay with God

This is a poem I wrote 2 weeks ago, around 5am. It took me about 30 minutes to write it. That same week I recited it to music at an evening church service dedicated to encouraging women.

Stay With God

I have a message for you, yes, you, you & you
Why? Cuz I've gone through it too 

My life was hard just a few months ago
At first I didn't know where to go

Then I thought hold up, God
Go to Him 'cuz things are hard

So that's what I did, that's what I do 
And I know some of you are going through it too

But don't give up, there's more for your life
God will fix it, the pain, the hurt, the strife

He's here for you & will never leave
But, we must seek Him first, you & me

My life was in turmoil y'all, the pain, it was bad
It was hard to function, anger, fear, just sad

But I knew God & I ran to Him
Then light grew bright, no more darkness, no more dim

The Lord said I'm here, girl you are blessed
I'll show you who I am, clean you up, clean up your mess

He's the Lord like that
From day one He had my back

He did it y'all, that's why I'm here
I've come to tell you, there's no need to fear

God says He sees you, your star is bright
He knows what happened & He is your light 

His light shines for all to see
To show them all who you will be

You are no accident, you're here for a reason
Stay with God, this is your season

You went through hell to go to a new level
So this is what you say, that's all you got devil?

God is real, accept the testing
Stay with Him & you'll see the blessing 

God is love, that's why He loves you
You were no mistake, He wants to use you

Stay with God