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Protecting My Peace - Day 74

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Regarding protecting our peace, we have to keep on keeping on, on what we need to do as we continue protecting our peace and setting boundaries in our lives. Yes, we are still talking about those boundaries of protection, because they help maintain our joy and peace. Boundaries also help us get clearer in our minds in where we are going, as well as, enable us to get around the right people. Be around the people who are positive and helpful who can serve as mentors, coaches, and consultants and give us feedback in love with our best interest at heart. Be around the people who care about us and want to steer us in the right direction. We can also be that same type of person as we help encourage people, as well. Win - win - win. Continue to set those boundaries.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 73

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. In this sub-series on boundaries, we are still talking about protecting your peace by staying around positive and productive people. Weed out the negative and toxic, because we must be around the things that will make us grow, not die in spirit. Setting boundaries allows us to focus and prosper in what God has for our lives. We are doing nothing wrong when we set boundaries in a polite, respectful, and considerate way. We do not have to say or do anything negative or ugly in the process. Being the stronger person is about displaying the traits Jesus had and continues to bestow on us. Jesus always took the higher road and He always maintained a position of love and strength. We can be more like Jesus too as we set boundaries in our lives. Remember that.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 72

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. How are you doing with setting boundaries in your life? We are still on the sub-series of boundaries and the importance of setting them in your life. They must be established in order to keep out the people who do you no good. Do you there are people who will take advantage of our kindness in a minute if we let them? So we have to remain diligent and protect our peace always. When we do that, then we can build in emotionally, spiritually, and physically strong environments for our lives and the lives of others we will help. That's what happened when I finally started to know, believe, and walk in what God was telling me -- I started having boundaries.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 71

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. In our Protecting My Peace 'Sub-series' we are still discussing boundaries and why it's important to have them. It's about valuing ourselves and standing strong in self-respect regarding how others treat us. Setting boundaries may involve saying goodbye to having others in our lives if they can't adhere to being respectful and considerate towards us and others, at a minimum. Setting boundaries may involve distancing ourselves from people who love drama because of their toxic world they live their lives in. It's ok to walk away from those people until there is a consistent amount of positive and productive treatment by them. Take nothing less than top treatment. I'm not saying people should bow down to us, of course not. I'm just saying we are value (Psalm 139:14) and people can respect us just as we respect them with no abuse from either party. Setting boundaries has made me feel better about myself and thu…

Protecting My Peace - Day 70

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. We are still talking about boundaries, which involve protecting us against "abusive" people -- emotionally abusive people. It's important to stay away from people who try to steal our peace and joy. If that means not partaking in their nonsense, so be it, because we will be better off for it in our personal and business lives. It's something I have started doing when I finally opened my eyes to what was being done regarding the negativity spewing out from certain people. I had enough and now I am in a better place of refocus on the things that really matter. So, set boundaries from the people who don't respect you or your voice. You will be fine as you continue your climb upwards and God will bring better people into your life. It will happen as you continue the positive road of success and victory.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 69

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Continue to protect your peace and part of that means setting boundaries in order to maintain our emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Don't let any person get in the way of that. There are some people who are negative, narcissistic, and toxic who want to take us off our top performance and off our peak performance. We can't let that stop us. We must carry on with the God-given gift He has given us. Whatever that gift is, focus is key to moving to new levels and helping the people who need to hear from us. Don't feel bad for protecting your peace and setting boundaries for your personal and business life. You're not doing anything wrong.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 68

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to protecting your peace, it's important to focus on you emotional health and the health of your business. If you have started a business, awesome, keep building. If you haven’t started a business yet, let my messages continue to inspire to you start one. No matter what though, keep this in mind: diversity is key to having the best and most productive environments. Different races bring different perspectives based on an individual's walk and their experiences, which are needed in any business, as well as, in life. So continue to expand your mind and your business. You will be better for it.
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