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Protecting My Peace - Day 66 - Leverage Your Gift-Given Gift Into a Lucrative On-line Business

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. How are you doing regarding protecting your peace? Are you working on going to new levels? Are you tuning out the noise? How is your online business coming? Continue to work on it and you will do great things. It's about using our God-given gift and leveraging it into a lucrative on-line business. Yes, we can do that and help people at the same time. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You can indeed create something amazing that will improve your life and your gifts will continue to make room for you (Proverbs 18:16). Believe that. If you need additional help or information regarding creating an online business, I am conducting a webinar, Saturday June 27th, 11am - 12pm titled, "How to Start an Online Business" via Zoom. You can sign up at Continue to work for your business, tune out distractions, and that will help ensure you continue to mind your business. Free Protecting My P…

Protecting My Peace - Day 65 - Stay True to You and What You Want to Do

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. This message is to stay true to you and what you want to do in your life. We can't worry about what we see or think we see on social media or the internet. When we stay in tune with what God says, we will make it. God is qualifying us, because that's what happens when we focus on Him and not focus on what people think. So continue to get up and get going. You will make it, you will get your heart's desire, and you will get the great things the Lord God has for you. It will happen when it's supposed to as long as you keep going. Free Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 64 - Write Your Goals and Stay True To You

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. This is just a reminder to continue writing your goals and stay true to showing up for yourself. There will some people, places, and things that may come against you and what you're trying to do. Don't let those things bother you or get you off your A-game. Remember, David (1/2 Samuel); Joshua, and Esther had many battles that came against them, but they never gave up. Don't you either. You will win the war only as you continue winning more of the little, medium, large, extra-large, and gigantic battles. You will win. Believe it as you continue protecting your peace. God's got you.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 63 - There's Something About the Power of The Pen

Click to listen to day's podcast episode. Let's talk about goals. Are you writing your goals down? Do you have them written somewhere? Not only in your head, written down. There's something about the power of the pen, so don't minimize that. Whatever you want for your life can still happen. Do you believe it? You must believe and not let anyone get you off track. Stay focused. Stay grounded. Stay with it. Proverbs 9:23 says all things are possible to those who believe. Yes, God goes above all that we can ever imagine -- all things are probable and inevitable. Believe God has more for your life and watch what He does.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 62 - You May Have to Unfollow Certain People

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Remember, the things you can do for your peace are the things that work in your life, so it's ok to do them if they are positive and productive. Some of those things may involve following and unfollowing certain people. You have to know who those people are for yourself. And when it comes to protecting our peace, we can't let anyone tell us what is realistic or unrealistic for our lives. If anyone tells me my goals are unrealistic, I usually have two words for them -- bye bye.

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Protecting My Peace - Day 61 - Listen to Yourself and What Works Best

 Click to listen to today's podcast episode. No matter who and what is around us, we can protect our peace. Whatever positive and productive ways suit you, go with it. If that means following and unfollowing specific people for reasons that help your peace, listen to what that means to your emotional peace. Each person has to do what is best for them. Listen to yourself and what works best in your life. That's what having peace is all about, so as you do your research on specific people, Influencers, leaders, and businesses, you will know how their platform fits into your life. All of our experiences are different, so follow the people with the best messages and platforms brings your the most peace.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 60 - Be Ready When Opportunity Comes

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to getting where we want to be, we have to show up and do the work internally and externally. Showing up is sooooo important. If we're showing up for ourselves, we're going to be ready when opportunity comes. We will make it.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 59 - Do You Know Your Power?

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Do you know your power to be all you can be? If so, good. If not, not so good. Yet, here's the thing: God says you are fearfully and wonderfully made and that you should know that full well (Psalm 139:14). Do you know what that means? It means that you don't have to concern yourself with any person, place, or thing that may come for you for doing the great things God told you to do. Don't concern yourself with adverse or negative things like that. They are truly a waste of time and energy to focus on. Why? Because, "mediocrity attacks excellence" (Michael Beckwith). Another way of saying that is, people who feel inferior will try to make you think you think you're better than everyone else simply because you want something better for your life. Don't believe that, because God says the opposite. So keep it vertical (looking towards the Lord God) and keep going forward.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 58 - Be More Open-Minded

Click profile link to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to your personal and business life, who do you have around you? Who is in your life? Do they look or think differently than you? If not, then our growth is limited. It's narrow and restricted when everybody talks and walks the same. When that happens, only but so much growth happens. What the uprising in this country has taught us is that we must be more open-minded and allow people who look like me to be included in your businesses and friendships. It may take awhile to get the right people with great talent, the same values and mission, but we're out there. This is a huge world and people who look like me can be recruited.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 57 - Diversity is Important Personally and Professionally

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Part of protecting our peace is about having fulfilling relationships with people who don't look like us, but who hold our same values. The best organizations and businesses are those that have people who think differently, but come together for a common cause or mission. Diversity is important to us personally and professionally, because different strokes for different folks. When we have people who bring something unique and different to the table, we can fly like an eagle. Each of us has limited perspectives, so we need each other. I'm not saying to overlook talent and standards when bringing people into our lives and businesses. I'm just saying the more diversity, the better and brighter the outlook.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 56 - Confidence Helps Protect Your Peace

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Do you know confidence helps you protect your peace? It's true. And it doesn't matter what is going on around you, confidence has to happen if you want to go to new levels in your peace and in your business. Remember my Faith Model? A-Affirmations; B-Belief; and G-Grind? Confidence is one of the things that plays into that model. The Faith Model is my formula for building people and building online businesses with a particular focus on women entrepreneurs. #weneedconfidence

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Protecting My Peace - Day 55 - Don't Let Anyone Muzzle Your Voice

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to protecting your peace, what do you do when someone is trying to muzzle your voice? How do you maintain your peace in the process? I worked in numerous organizations where my voice wasn't respected or welcomed. Amazing, but true. In fact, I just experienced this very thing recently and I'm here to tell you that no one can stop your voice. God gave you something to say that is worth saying, so don't let anyone censor or restrain the voice you have every right to use in a positive and productive way. Remember that as you go about your life and your business.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 54 - Remain Open-Minded to Growing Your Business

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. As you know, this Protecting My Peace series is about my audio journal/my reflection time with God. You have heard a myriad of my emotions regarding the things that have been happening in this country. I have not shied away from "showing" you different parts of who I am during this series and I will continue to be transparent. That has helped my peace in so many positive and productive ways. The current turn my series is taking is that I am starting to talk to faith-based female entrepreneurs -- my super-nitche'. What's on my mind today is as entrepreneurs who want our businesses to grow, we have to remain open-minded to people who don't look and think like us. Yes, they should have our values, yet when we surround ourselves with people who come from a different walk of life, they will offer us information that will help leverage our businesses. They will offer a perspective we never thought about, which can be a gam…

Protecting My Peace - Day 53 - It's Ok to Speak Up in a Positive Way

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Hello emerging, aspiring, or seasoned female entrepreneurs, bosses, and CEO's. This message is for you today and will be mostly for you going forward. In the Protecting My Peace series, my voice -- literally and figuratively, has been in different places that have even surprised me. You see, there was a time when was discouraged from speaking up or speaking out by the people who were the leaders in the organizations and businesses I was connected with. As a result, I was muzzled and lost my voice. Today is another story. I speak up and out for the speechless and the people -- primarily women -- who are in a place where they have lost their voice or never had one. Yes, I empower women to move across the earth fearlessly and wonderfully that the Lord God tells us we can move in (Psalm 139:14). So, female entrepreneurs, bosses, and CEO's, be empowered and be encouraged to stand up for something you believe in. God has qualified you …

Protecting My Peace - Day 52 - Getting Ahead Takes Deliberate Effort

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. I've talked about goals on previous podcast episodes and when it comes to getting ahead, we can't talk those things enough. Are you achieving your goals? Do you write them down? How are you doing with the vision God has for your life? You can indeed get what you want, but it's going to take speaking certain ways over your life and your business, thinking abundance, and grinding it out. It may take years, but years are going to pass anyway, right? So why not doing your thing in the process? You can get what you want -- we all can. Just know that it will take deliberate effort, is all.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 51 - My Reflection Time With God Helps With My Emotions

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Regarding protecting our peace, what do you do when you get emotional? And by the way, it's ok for emotions to be all over the place these days as long as we contain them and protect, maintain, and preserve our peace. So, what do you do when your emotions are starting to get out of whack? Doing something positive and productive helps sort those emotions out. One of the ways I protect my peace is during my reflection time with God. It doesn't matter how much noise is going on, I don't let the noise or the distractions throw me off. I maintain my peace and focus. Don't let any person, place, or thing rattle you to the point of difficult return. Continue to do whatever it is you do to remain calm and relaxed. Continue to be honest with yourself, be positive, be productive, seek help from God and people, and do what it is you do that helps you become better. Click to Download Faith Freebies

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Protecting My Peace - Day 50 - There's Nothing Wrong With Saying You're A Winner

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. I have a question for you. Do you feel like a winner? There's nothing wrong with saying we're a winner. In fact, those are words that can change our mood. We can continue to say we are a winner no matter how much is coming at us. We can look ourselves in the mirror and say, 'yes I am a winner!' I do it all the time even when I don't feel like I'm winning. Having a positive attitude is never overrated, so even though our emotions may go up and down, we can still find a way to control our emotions by talking to someone and getting our feelings out. Just know that you are a winner, continue to believe that and say it over and over again.

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Protecting My Peace - Day 49 - Emotions Out of Whack? Talk to Somebody.

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. What are you doing to express your emotions today? If you're like me, they have been all over the place -- angry, sad, scared, and the process starts over again. Yet here's the thing: We don't have to stay in those emotions, because God gives us many ways to express ourselves in the most positive and productive ways. Although there are many negative and adverse things happening right before our eyes, the Lord says, be still and know He is God (Psalm 46:10). That means that although we may be more emotional these days, we can still talk about what we're feeling. Talking is an excellent way to protect our peace. We don't have to go through anything alone. Continue to speak up and speak out in the ways that work the best for you. Keep God front and centered as you continue your relationship with Him. He will speak when you continuously open the doors for an exchange.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 48 - Being Around a Body of Water Helps with Emotions

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. There are still so many things we can do to protect our peace. What are you doing to protect yours? I love the ocean, the lake, or any natural body of water and today we were able to go view the waves when we went to the lake. It's amazing what that does to help sort things out, because it gave me another way to be at peace. Even though we may be going through a rough time, the United States is still the greatest country in the world. That I know, so despite all we're going through, it's important to have a positive attitude regardless. Having a positive attitude doesn't mean saying what we think people want to hear. Having a positive attitude means we can be respectful, honest, open-minded, free to say what's on our mind, and continue to protect our peace in the process. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 47 - Leaders Must Protect the Peace

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to leadership, what do you do to protect your peace and the peace of those around you? Yes, we must continue the daily grind, however, protecting our peace may include doing things we're not comfortable doing. At the end of the day, it's about zoning in on who we are, taking more chances to increase positive and productive change, and eventually seeing the fruits of our labor. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 46 - Change Will Come, But it Won't Come Easy or Fast

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. In regards to protecting our peace, be reminded that change is going to come -- positive change, but it will not come easy or fast. Yet, we must remain positive and productive nevertheless. The ingrained and deeply rooted power structures will not give in easily, so rough days are ahead. But there's always good news and that is God is still God and He sees the injustices that have been going on for decades upon decades. And just as He freed the Israelites from Egyptian "slavery", He will do the same for people today. Change must come and it can start with each one of us who have had long attitudes of separation and exclusion of certain people. That must stop and we can have people who sit among us who will help us think and operate differently if needed. That's not a problem at all. We have been "helping" people for many years and we will continue to do so as long as our help is respected and warranted. Stay en…

Protecting My Peace - Day 45 - What Do We Really Stand For?

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. When it comes to protecting our peace, what do we really stand for? After the many social media posts and protests, what are we doing to expand the message of systematic injustice? What are we doing to be creative or invent something that will help heal broken hearts and expand social change? Posting and talking are great, but what positive and positive things are we planning? How are we using our gift God has given us? If we're not doing anything more, then we're not part of the solution, we're part of the problem. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 44 - Strive to Live Your Dreams Even Through COVID-19

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. This episode of protecting our peace is about staying true to our dreams no matter how long it's taking. Even though we live in crazy times of COVID19 and the other craziness that's going on, we can still focus on our dreams -- we can still focus on our vision for our lives. Don't give up on the plans the Lord God has for you. Nothing can come against the plans of your life, so keep grinding and keep trudging. It will come.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 43 - The Uprising: We Must Remain "Woke"

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. In these days of protecting of peace, we are met with challenges. There's no doubt about that. We are hit with a pandemic called COVID19 and we have an uprising in the United States that is reaching across the oceans. There are many standing together to fight a system none of could ever have won anyway. It was a system of injustice and injustice is temporary, because it's build on intimidation and fear, which always loses out in the end. There are some who will always believe that power cannot be shared and as a result of that belief, there will be rough days ahead. Yet, there's good news. Yes, Hebrews 11:1 tells us that we must remain faithful, we must remain "woke" (aware), and we must continue to grind (work very hard). If you come from the neck of the woods I come from then economic power is your friend -- economic power gets us in the room and we will have a seat at the table, which remember, God tells us we can…