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No Distractions

Esther is one of my favorite women in the bible. I like her for many reasons. Namely, that she was focused and goal oriented. For instance: 1. She prepared. She did the hard work and got herself in order before she went to meet the king, her future husband. She had no idea if he would choose her. She just did what she had to do in order to go to the next level. So she accomplished what she had come to do, marry the king. 2. She listened. There's nothing like having someone in your corner with wisdom and who wants great things for you. Esther had two of those people. She had Mordecai, her cousin and Hegai, the king's eunuch (guard over the women/palace official). When Mordecai told her what to do to set herself apart (by not revealing too much), that's what she did. When Hegai told her what to do to gain the king's favor, she did those things. And she got what she came for, she married the king. My point is, Esther kept her mind on the prize. She prepare

God Reveals All Things

There are so many things I like about God. So many. One of those things is when I want to know what to do, all I have to do is pray and ask Him to reveal the "secret" things about any given situation. Yes, I just have a conversation with the Lord. I communicate what's in my heart, what I'm thinking, or what I'm going through. He always answers. All of us have that ability. In other words, we have been given the power to tap into the Source, the great I Am , the mighty among all mighty, in order to get clarity about situations. Remember Daniel? He was a wisemen, a prophet in the bible. Daniel didn't back down to fear. He used prayer and wisdom to get to the answers that would help him get things done. And God revealed information to Daniel when King Nebuchadnezzar was about to take the wisemen out. God reveals information the same way with me and you.

Speak to Me Lord

I often wonder sometimes how many times I've missed God during certain times of my life. As I reflect on the times He has spoken in the ways I clearly missed, I think wow that could have been an opportunity. But the danger in that thinking is that I can get bogged down with living in regret and disappointment. I refuse to reflect with regret and despair. I rather reflect and think of those times as learning milestones, a test for my testimony, and to help me (and others) go to the next level. Yes, it's a conscious choice I make to maintain positive thinking for growth. What this allows me to know is that God still speaks to me. And it's not too late for me to get things right and in order for progress and success with the strength He's given me. I want to hear Him from here on out and then I want to move accordingly. That's why I've been saying lately, speak to me Lord. And guess what? He does. 

Chain of Command

When you want to know what to do or tell on somebody or get things right, you don't have to use your chain of command. Just start on the top, go directly to the boss, go to God. He'll help you. Yes, we have that luxury of going over people's heads, passing our supervisor, overlooking management. We can go straight to the source and get things handled. That's right, God is the beginner and the finisher of all things. He's the president of the company, each and every company. He's the big boss, the head huncho, the real McCoy. Now go straight to his office and tell Him, because He's always in his office.