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Loooong Way

I have a long way to go in so many areas of my life, but guess what? I'm staying in the race baby and I will have the victory. It's a long race and I will continue to train. Training will never end. Training is mandatory.


I make mistakes in life and then I move on. At any given moment I shift between a WIP (Work in Progress) to a POW (Piece of Work) then back and forth. LOL at myself sometimes. Nothing wrong with laughing at ourselves sometimes. It's human. God forgives us no matter what.

Bible Study

Celebrate the holy spirit. Tonight I had a great time at bible study. It was basically the same message as service, Sunday. It was about being in the right house of God . I'm glad for the holy spirit. That's when God "speaks" to you in one way or another. That's my simple explanation of it. Ttyl.

The Light

My Direct TV is off so I'm watching someone I didn't think I would ever watch. It's not that I had any particular feelings about this man, I just never watched his shows. His name is Jimmy Swaggart. Yes, Pastor Jimmy Swaggart and I like what he's saying. Just now he said he told God that he feels the closest to him than he's ever felt and now he can see how flawed he (Swaggart) is. Then God told him that when you get closer to the light, you can see many things and all your imperfections are amplified. When you're farther away from the light you can hardly see and you think you're ok. But how can you see in the dark? Powerful huh? I'm so glad my Direct TV is off.

Jentezen Franklin

Isn't Jentezen the coolest name? I like it 'cuz it's different. I like different names, different people, different foods, and different places. So it's no wonder that Jentezen Franklin is a pastor (besides my local pastor of course) who speaks to me. Lately I've been really soaking in his sermons, especially the one, titled DNA of a Leader (check it out on youtube). Anyhoo, will give you more insight. Btw, more on my local church to come.

The Right Thing

We need each other. It's hard doing the right thing 24/7, but we should strive to anyway. I've made SO many mistakes, it's embarrassing to think of them. Yet we must strive to do what's right and when we slip, apologize to the person or the people and most importantly, to God. We are human, we are going to get it wrong sometimes, but apologizing releases so much on us. Why not just apologize? It's nothing wrong with doing that. In fact, it's the right thing to do. I just wish we would strive to do the right thing even if we don't get it right. It's just nice being around people who go out their way to do that, because their heart is in the right place. I love dealing with people with hearts like that. It's great, because you can see their spirit -- the greatness that lives in them rubs off of you. Who wouldn't want that?