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The Judges

Do you know the Judges? 
You may even be one yourself.
Yes? No? Ok, you be the judge. 
So, just who are these Judges anyway? They are the ones who have a double standard. They have one for themselves and one for everybody else. They are the people who can say things to others, but when those same things are said to them, they become emotional, judgmental and critical. They are the people who can do certain things, but when others do those same things, they become emotional, judgmental and critical. In their minds they are above everybody else. Such Judges may have a rude, selfish, holier than though demeanor. They don't take well to constructive feedback and reject the truth about themselves, especially if that feedback and honest commentary comes from someone who isn't as well versed in the scriptures as they think they are, or comes from a person of lower status, or a person without a high position, or doesn't have a fancy title, or is lacking an impressive education. Th…

The Word of God

Another meaning for the word of God is the bible.

Have you ever picked it up?
As you can surmise, my blog is based on the bible. That's the foundation for everything I write. I sometimes wonder what type of person reads my blog. Who are the people? What type of background? Who knows? It doesn't matter, because my main purpose is to encourage all people through a biblical framework. I want all of us to know God, to communicate with Him everyday, and to experience Him on an entirely different level. So considering that, I don't think I'll completely know who my audience is exactly and that is just fine with me. My goal is for all people from all walks of life, to see God.
One of the most important ways people can develop a relationship with God is through His word.
It offers so much insight.
Whatever you want to know, it's in there. Whatever you're going through, there will be somebody who went through it. Any and everything is in the bible. It's unlimited i…


"As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good..."1

Appreciation and Depreciation

"Appreciation of any asset or currency is the rise in market value of that asset/currency over time relative to its historical value/other currency. The opposite of appreciation is depreciation which is the lowering of value."1