Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Judges

Do you know the Judges? 

You may even be one yourself.

Yes? No? Ok, you be the judge. 

So, just who are these Judges anyway? They are the ones who have a double standard. They have one for themselves and one for everybody else. They are the people who can say things to others, but when those same things are said to them, they become emotional, judgmental and critical. They are the people who can do certain things, but when others do those same things, they become emotional, judgmental and critical. In their minds they are above everybody else. Such Judges may have a rude, selfish, holier than though demeanor. They don't take well to constructive feedback and reject the truth about themselves, especially if that feedback and honest commentary comes from someone who isn't as well versed in the scriptures as they think they are, or comes from a person of lower status, or a person without a high position, or doesn't have a fancy title, or is lacking an impressive education. The Judges equate all of those things to importance. And if you don't come with at least one of those in your "pedigree", then you might as well forget about being entertained for one second by them. Anybody else coming to them from such a prestigious bloodline will get a few minutes more...but they better come correct. For, the Judges don't take well to being set straight, because in their minds they're already straight. They're as close to perfection as anybody could possibly be. 

The Judges think they're above the "law."

The Judges can only rebuke (in their rude and condescending manner), but can never be rebuked. 

Yet, here's the truth of the matter: the Judges don't run it. They don't dictate the rules. They don't set the standard. They're no more important than anybody else. To God, we're all even. His love, kindness, and respect reaches beyond and across boundaries. He doesn't call "qualified Judges", He qualifies those He calls. And He's not concerned with how well we know the scriptures or our status or our position or our title or our education. He couldn't care less about any of those things -- He's not impressed.

God looks at our heart. That's important to Him.

God looks at where we want to go with Him. That's important to Him.

God looks at what we want to do through Him. That's important to Him.

If you're feeling judged, put down, or condemned by The Judges, know this: nobody is qualified to do such a thing. The Judges have no significance with their judgmental attitude. There's only one Judge and His name is Jesus Christ. In fact He's the only Judge and He's the jury too. Therefore, He's the one who will have order in the court. 

In God's eyes we are all the same.
He loves all His children.

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Psalm 75:7 "It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another."

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Word of God

Another meaning for the word of God is the bible.
"And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you 
change and become like little children, 
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" 
(Matthew 18:3/4)

Have you ever picked it up?

As you can surmise, my blog is based on the bible. That's the foundation for everything I write. I sometimes wonder what type of person reads my blog. Who are the people? What type of background? Who knows? It doesn't matter, because my main purpose is to encourage all people through a biblical framework. I want all of us to know God, to communicate with Him everyday, and to experience Him on an entirely different level. So considering that, I don't think I'll completely know who my audience is exactly and that is just fine with me. My goal is for all people from all walks of life, to see God.

One of the most important ways people can develop a relationship with God is through His word.

It offers so much insight.

Whatever you want to know, it's in there. Whatever you're going through, there will be somebody who went through it. Any and everything is in the bible. It's unlimited information, because it was written by God. It's a book that will never cease to amaze. If you don't pick it up that much or if you never have, you should give it a shot. You can start in Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament. How God created the earth is in there; or Matthew, the first book of the New Testament. The birth of Jesus is in that one; or Psalms, the book mostly of prayers, poems and hymns (songs); or Proverbs, the book mostly of wisdom; or you can just start anywhere depending on your specific concern at any given time. 

It doesn't matter where you start, reading God's word will change your life for the better and forever.  

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


"As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good..."1
If anyone or anything is against you, 
God will turn it around. He will give you
dominion over much.

That's a loaded verse isn't it?

It's usually a reference to negative events that happened (or didn't happen) in our lives, that God ends up turning in our favor. It's a hopeful verse. I like it.

Just like I still like watching one of my favorite fictional stories, the fairy tale of Cinderella. The story centers around Cinderella and her jealous, wicked stepmother and stepsisters. It is the story of a girl who was loved by her father who passes away and is left by the very people who were supposed to love her, but hated her immensely.

Isn't there a real story of a man named Joseph2 in the bible who was also hated by those who were supposed to love him?  

But what was meant for evil, God means for good.

If bad and negative things have come your way I am here to tell you God will turn all of it around for good and His glory. I'm a witness. Nothing can stop what He has planned for us.

God is in control. It doesn't matter what haters come for you, He will turn it around to work in your favor. Even fairy tales had haters.Throughout the Cinderella story she was put through hell, but like Joseph, she maintained an auspicious, hopeful, and bright outlook. It was as though she knew she was going to eventually win, which she did. Although there were many girls, including her ugly wicked stepsisters, who wanted to marry the handsome wealthy prince, he chose Cinderella to be his wife.

She won.

I know Cinderella is a fictional story, but it is a hopeful tale of a girl who started on the bottom and ended up on top. Stories like that inspire me, because she never gave up. Some of her life was extremely difficult, but she fought throughout and ended up winning. It's a story many of us want for ourselves regarding different things the Lord has promised us. We have gone through enough and it's our time to have more.

I know what the Lord wants for me and I'm going to fight in His name to get what's mine. It's coming.

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1. Genesis 50:20a
2. Genesis 37-47

Monday, March 28, 2016

Appreciation and Depreciation

Is your value increasing or decreasing?
"Appreciation of any asset or currency is the rise in market value of that asset/currency over time relative to its historical value/other currency. The opposite of appreciation is depreciation which is the lowering of value."1

Translation: Appreciation - value goes up.
                    Depreciation - value goes down.

Have you ever wondered why certain things we think, say, and do, increase or decrease in value/worth?

I'm going to use the simple financial concept of Appreciation and Depreciation to help illustrate my point of how we think, what we say, and what we do, will help us or hurt us. In other words, what we say (think and do) can and will be used against us if we're not careful. We are what we think2.

When I talk to certain people and they have a defeatist, woe-is-me, doom and gloom mindset and attitude, chances are their vocabulary will mirror that thinking and chances are they will not act on their goals. Their lack of faith will not allow them to accomplish anything and typically they will blame life's circumstances. I know life happens. Life happened to me and I know how it feels to be in such a low place that you think there's no way anyone else is going through this and there's no way anyone knows what I'm feeling right now. But the devil is a liar. Everyone is going through something. I also know what it's like to seek the Lord and the wise counsel He gives us in order for us to solve our problems and issues for ourselves (we have to do the hard work). When we camp out in a sullen, negative, down-and-out place, that's an unproductive and dangerous place to be. Lots of bad animals come to devour us when we camp in that area. Our stock will definitely depreciate or decrease in value during that time. In fact after a while it will be worth nothing. That's not what the Lord wants for us. He wants to protect us, but we have to let Him. We have to take His offer to help us and we certainly can't blame Him for anything that happens or doesn't happen. We have to have faith. In many of my articles I talk about His plan3 for our lives and that remains unchanged. He always wants to prosper us, not to harm us, and He plans to give us hope and a future. That's a fact. Embrace it.  

Our circumstances will improve and our stock will appreciate when we do the hard work.

When we take on a positive, I-will-make-it-through attitude, our vocabulary starts changing for the better. Then we start walking out everything the Lord has for us. Operating in this fashion will position us nicely for success (ie, having amble resources to help build His kingdom). I'm not saying it will be easy, because it won't. What it will be is ongoing and the progress will be steady. We will be better able to monitor our thoughts, words, and actions, because we know the stock we have is worth gold. We know we have an appreciable asset that will have great returns when paid attention to. Thus, if want them to appreciate we have to monitor how we think, what we say, and what we do. That approach will determine whether our value moves upward or not. Further, we have to watch who is in control of our returns. Who manages them? Do we communicate often? If we want increase, among other things, the right manager has to be trustworthy, credible, dependable, and ethical. 

God is the only person I can think of. Our value will always increase with Him, because He is a sure choice.

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2. Proverbs 23:7
3. Jeremiah 29:11