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Hi, I'm Sharon. Welcome to my In Sharon's Heart blog/devotional website.

I started the site in 2013, because I wanted to let people know what was in my heart each day. I figured if I was feeling, thinking, and sensing certain things, then others were too, and could be encouraged by my testimony (which the blog springs from). Thus, In Sharon's Heart is about speaking of the things God has placed in my heart. It's a place inspired and guided by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another reason for the inspiration of the site, is because at one time I think I was a functional depressed person. What does that mean? Well, although I was achieving worldly (opposed to spiritual) endeavors like gaining degrees, working ceaselessly in my job, serving diligently at my church, and caring for my two boys after my divorce, something was still missing. I functioned in the daytime, but I was sad and down in the dumps at night. I would wallow in my grief at the many opportunities I missed and the mistakes I made in my past. I wallowed so much, I started giving all my nights to the enemy instead of to the Lord. I wasted so much time wasting time on thinking on the things that had already happened and the things I couldn't change, that I didn't live in my purpose.

Then one day I asked myself how I could sort out my thoughts; sort out my heart; and help others? That’s how In Sharon’s Heart started, how it continues to evolve, and how I finally got out of that dumpy slump. Yes, I started seeking and receiving godly counsel from trustworthy and wise friends, reading the bible, listening to inspirational sermons and music, and praying without ceasing. I also gained an awesome accountability person (aka a spiritual coach) whom I love dearly (we all need someone we can talk to right?). God is awesome.

Today, I am now a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17); I can do all things through God who gives me the strength to do them (Philippians 4:13), and I will continue to trust in the Lord even if I don't understand all He's doing, because I know He will direct my paths and make them smooth (Proverbs 3:5/6). One of the many great things about the Lord God is that He will turn trials into triumphs, tests into testimonies, and lows into highs. For, He's a God who covers His people from start to finish. I'm excited you have come to my site. I hope and pray you will be encouraged and uplifted by the content. 



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  1. Thank you Mrs. Sharon, for I use this site to dig out of the depression that sits on my chest in the morning. After visiting with you, listening to music and sermons, my chest grows lighter because burdens are lifted. God bless you.


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