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It May Be You

People are not always against us, it may just be us. Do you ever wonder? Why we hardly ever get what we want? Or why things are hard for us most of the time? Or why people don't have a positive reaction to us? Or why opportunities rarely come our way? Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps it may be you ? Yep, we may be the one sabotaging our own progress. When I lived in California my son's teacher told me he wasn't working on the level he should have been and I dismissed his teacher as someone who didn't know what she was talking about. My attitude was, 'Didn't she know my son was advanced? Who did she think she was telling me he should be retained? How dare she. This was my genius little boy. She wasn't around when he said all the advanced things at home or how he was able to figure out things his dad or I couldn't. She didn't have a clue." After I left California and moved to South Carolina, I started hearing some of the s

Green Tea

I love hot green tea. It tastes good and it's encouraging. Encouraging, because the many years I have been reading about green tea, just about every study has found it to be a plus for health especially when it comes to fighting cancer and heart disease. So when I can find something that tastes good and is healthy, I'm going to run towards it, because some healthy food tastes urrrrgh, you know what I mean. Although green tea is not the end all be all, it's a good start to good health and I need all the help I can get. If you have read some of my posts on Facebook, then you know I dislike exercise, but everything that is good for me, won't be pretty so I have to do it. Thankfully green tea fits in the pretty category, because it's easy to drink. Green tea seems to be celebrated in Okinawa, Japan. When I was stationed over there and we went off base, all we saw were people walking, riding their bikes, and drinking tea. Tea over there (like coffee over here) is st