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Consistency is the Key

Let me just be real, being consistent is sometimes hard. 

Very hard. make a positive impact, consistency means doing what needs to be done over and over again. Yes, although Lebron James makes basketball look easy, he has to practice alot, again and again, rain or shine, happy or sad, good or bad. If he wants the prizes, he has to pay the price and he has to sacrifice. I doubt if he's always in the mood for all of that. 

Yet the rewards are great. 

Consistency is focused practice, full dedication, and extreme commitment. It is one of the hardest things to do. I don't know anybody who is consistent in every area of their lives. In fact I am pretty bad myself when it comes to doing certain things I know I should be doing. Let's take working out for example. In my twenties I was obsessed with fitness, but now it's just something I have to do in order to stay healthy. If I didn't have to workout, I wouldn't. That's why I carry around a few extra pounds I should have lost (and kept off) a long time ago.

Why is consistency so hard?

To do things we are not that fond of or doing the things we may even love, brings certain negative emotions when we have to do them day in and day out and that makes doing them, sometimes harder, not easier. Like getting up every morning to go to that mediocre job we hate or disciplining our kids to do their homework every night or laying off those Doritos that call us late at night or staying out of that mall that has all of our favorite stores we just know will have something in there just for us...the list goes on. 

We all have our areas, we all have our issues.

Yet, this is what I keep telling myself: I will push through anyway, because pushing through is the only way success and helping people are going to happen. It won't come easy, but what worthwhile endeavor ever does? The thing that keeps pushing me is that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has so more much waiting for me (see the Prophet Jeremiah). And, because of that, I will push myself to do those things I don't want to do. I will push through the difficult, I will push through the boring, I will push through it all, because I know the promises of God.

I believe His prophets and I prosper.


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