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According to, eustress is defined as, "stress that is deemed healthful or giving one the feeling of fulfillment."

Or we can say it's positive stress or good stress.

You know what that means? It means the things you do that may be a little difficult and challenging, but brings you joy, peace, and happiness. It may be mountain climbing, taking care of elderly parents, running a marathon, serving at your church, walking five miles a day (everyday), or working a demanding job. What may make others cringe makes you excited even though it gets difficult at times. Going the distance may come with discomfort, nevertheless it gives you pleasure, because you see the light in it. Eustress is a good thing, because it keeps the heart pumping and I heard someone recently say, "motion is lotion." Or you could just say that doing challenging and fulfilling things keeps the mind and body sharp, strong, and flexible. We have to challenge our muscles. Even the brain, because it too, is a muscle. We have to keep ourselves sharp and alert by doing the hard things, not only physically, but mentally too. That involves doing more than bodywork. It also means conditioning the mind by reading smart literature and engaging in enlightening subject matter. Every little thing helps us.

Be encouraged as you continue to challenge yourself. Accepting easy won't sharpen us. But pushing ourselves will. We need physical and mental strength to be better. Philippians 4:13 says, you can do all things through God who strengthens you." The Lord God will give you everything you need. He's always available.

You can do anything in his power.
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