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Comon, get up. Start now.
Do you know what SOM's are? 

They're the Start on Monday people. 

I used to be the example for SOM's. Yep I was its spokesperson and poster child. When it came to doing certain things I would often say, "I'll start on Monday" or "I'll get to it when..", but those things didn't get done or I finally got around to doing them way after they should have been done.

In other words, I made excuses.

A lot of it was me just being plain ole lazy and unmotivated. My attitude was that it took too much work, or it was an inconvenience and required too much sacrifice. Now I'm finally starting to get it. I'm finally starting to see how I could have done so much more by now. That's one of the reasons I write so much about focus, success, perseverance, and that type of stuff. I don't want people to make the same mistakes I did.

I could have already achieved so much more in my life, yet I prolonged my progress and wasted so much time. I think I was afraid of success more than failure. What I mean by that, is that I was so concerned that the more successful I became, the more exposure of myself to others. In my mind the "bigger" I became, the more vulnerable and susceptible to criticism and scrutiny. I wanted one without the other, but life doesn't work that way. If I want the victory I have to endure whatever comes with it. And while I'm still a bit uncomfortable with that, when life happens to you, you tend to throw all that selfish thinking out the window. You get to the point where you don't care anymore about what anyone says or thinks about you. It was never about me in the first place. Nevertheless, I have come to the realization that I will have to take the negative with the positive if I am to make a worthwhile impact with people. If that means being vulnerable, so be it as long as people know that they are not alone in their pain, fear, doubt, humiliation, depression, anger, all of that, then I'm successful. I'm trying to please God. I'm no longer in the people-pleasing business.

What people say or think about me is none of my business.

All I'm saying is that I'm decreasing as God increases in my life and there's freedom in that. It took immense pain for me to get to this place. Now, I can help others through their challenges. So if you're living in the place I used to live, do whatever it is that God placed in your heart to do. Stop being afraid, stagnant, and idle. If God placed it in you, seek and follow Him as you go forth in your destiny walk. There's no way you will fail with what He told you to do. Will you be uncomfortable? Yep, sure will. No big deal though, because you're already uncomfortable not doing it. Will you make mistakes? Uh huh. No big deal though, because you already make mistakes not doing it. Will you have challenges? You bet. No big deal though, because you already have challenges not doing it.

It's time to roll. It's time to make some things happen. It's boldness time. It's process time. It's "let's go" time. I refuse to be another SOM person, because those Mondays come and go. Then before you know it, years pass and other people are living out your dream and doing what you were supposed to do.

And nobody can be mad at them for that.

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John 3:30


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