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Ferris Wheels

Round and round we go.
Round and round it goes. Where it stops, sometimes we know, sometimes we don't.

The Ferris Wheel. 

We see them mainly at amusement parks and fairs. They don't go forward, they don't go to the left, and they don't go to the right. They just go around and around until eventually they come to a stop.

That is the case in some of our lives, isn't it?

We keep going around again and again in circles. We may stop here or there then we get right back on that Ferris Wheel and start the process over. We just love that wheel. We keep going back to the same ole same ole without ever growing from our mistakes. Round and round. We somehow think things will be different if different people are involved. Round and round.

How many times has that constant rotation worked for us? I can tell you right now, it hasn't worked for me. I learned lessons the hard way going down that same sad sorry road spinning out of control thinking things would be different. After awhile I started to realize I was not in charge of my life, God was. When I leaned on Him for guidance, I started making better decisions and finally got off that redundant circle. I still have a ways to go, but at least I'm starting to move forward, because that circle was making me dizzy.

No matter what, the people we allow around us will do what we allow them to do.

People are people are people. 

One day a teacher said to me, 'I am so glad this quarter is over. I am getting new students and I'll be able to breathe from the challenging kids who won't be in my class anymore.' I told her not to get too comfortable just yet, because the new crop of students she was getting wouldn't be much different. In fact they could possibly be worse than her previous students. I told her that, because as long as she was doing the same things with the "new" students, they would wind up doing the same things her previous students did. This usually happens when we do the same things, never change things up and blame the people around us even though they have nothing to do with our decisions. And that was indeed the case with her new students. They were a new batch of hot messes and their behavior was predictably like the ones who preceded them. Yet if we change things up, so will the people around us -- they will adapt accordingly and perform differently than the others, because we're different.

It doesn't matter if we're in a classroom setting or where, if we are want different outcomes in our relationships and other endeavors we have to change our approach, our demeanor, our attitude. Then we have to work hard on communicating our expectations and remain consistent in doing so. With that, change will come and relationships will more than likely improve. 

When this happens, we come from a stronger and more respectable position. And we are better equipped to deal with whatever happens. Then we will get off that Ferris Wheel for good this time and we will be able to sharpen our skills with sharp people.

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Proverbs 27:17


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