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Stay Focused

Let nobody and no thing
take you out of focus.
Do you know that there are some people who just won't like you?

Even though you did absolutely nothing wrong.

But you must stay focused. Don't veer off from the positive road you're on. That's what the enemy wants you to do, get sidetracked. Don't let it happen. It doesn't matter what is said and done against you. We can't get all bent out of shape because some people don't wish us well. There are just some things that are the way they are and not much we can do about them.  

Focus is the key.

There are just some people who will simply dislike you, hate you, and down right despise you for the simple fact that you exist. It's hard for some people to fathom that, because it seams so far fetched, but let me tell you something, if you refuse to believe it because it seems so unbelievable, get over that. With all due respect, get your head out of the sand. That's just the way things are. God sees it though. He sees everything that's said and done against you. And you have nothing to worry about as long as you keep your eyes on Him. You know why? Because the people who are against you are the same people who are talking you right into your blessing. And their actions are getting you closer and closer to what God has for you.

Continue to focus.

Do you remember the biblical story of Haman and Mordecai? Haman hated Mordecai so much that he built gallows to have Mordecai hung. But when the king realized that Mordecai had previously saved his life, the king asked Haman what should be done for Mordecai. Yet Haman was so much into himself that he thought the king was talking about him, so he told the king to do all these great things. What Haman didn't realize was that he was actually blessing Mordecai. It's a great reminder of how God turns the evil plots against His people around for good. 

Just be reminded that 'what people think about us is none of our business' (I think Maya Angelou gets credit for that quote). In the meantime all we can do is stay on our A-game, stay on our grind, and stay focused on what God is having us to do. Then let Him take care of the rest.

Other than that, it's all good. 

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Esther 6:1-13


  1. This really blessed me today. Thanks Sharon! Min. Shantel

  2. Thank you, Min Shantel.

    The Lord's got you. You're blessed and highly favored. And I'm not just saying that. It's true. Watch what else He does for you. There's much more in store for you.

    Thank you for reading my blog.


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