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Sometimes blocking certain
people from our lives is a good thing.
Sometimes we come to a place in life when we have to make hard decisions.

Like making the choice to block people.

Certain people who mean us no good.

Sometimes we have to let those people go if after awhile it doesn't look like things are getting better in our relationships with them. These are the people who are lukewarm, moody, rude, and just plain negative. All mixed in together! That's a lot to deal with all the time. 

Saying goodbye is maybe in order if we can't grow with that person. And things will be ok. 

One of the ways we can tell when we need to say adios is when almost everything that comes out of a person's mouth is slamming others. Another red flag is every conversation you have with the person is never about goals, growth, and helping others. It's mostly about other people and getting over on people. Really? Doesn't that get old? Don't we get too old for that?

Let's call all the Negative Nancy's and all the Not-So-Nice Ned's out and say 'comon, we can all do better.' And if we can't meet in a good positive place, then bye bye baby.

If anyone is blocking you from going to the next level in what God has for you, it may a good time to have a block party and block them from blocking you. God will give you the wisdom in this area if need be, but it may not take that much wisdom in this case.

You agree?

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Proverbs 16:16


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