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Moral Compass

Where is your moral compass pointing?
So you want to be a leader huh? 

The truth of the matter is that everybody doesn't have it in them when it comes to leading in big ways. What I’m saying is that leadership is leadership is leadership. Although everyone can and should lead in some capacity, everyone can’t be leaders among leaders.

I've worked with people who called themselves leaders, but left a lot to be desired. It wasn't their calling. And to be honest, I wasn't impressed with their moral compass. A moral compass is a guide, a barometer, a measurement of how we're doing regarding our morals (conduct, ethics, principles, values). Whether we're a leader or not, what is our moral compass pointing to? And if it's not pointing to the place it should be in order to bring out the best in people, then we have some work to do.  Or perhaps we should move over and let someone else have the position.

There are many great leaders in the bible. Of course Jesus is numero uno. No one can touch Him. That goes without saying. 

The leader I will talk about briefly though, is Esther. If you've been coming to this blog for some time now you know I write much about her. Just do a search on Esther1 and you will see I admired her leadership style. I like that she was a servant-leader2 willing to be led by the king's eunuch (palace official), Hegai. The bible never mentions any other woman who did that. Eventually Esther goes on to be a mighty woman of influence. She amazingly led her people to victory against their enemies and she pointed them towards success (the good on the moral compass). She risked her life for her people and she stood for what was right (again, check the moral compass). She was willing to go against the status quo and didn't mind standing alone. She was a "bold soldier."

What's your moral compass pointing to?

Esther is a great transformational3 leadership case study for many reasons. At a minimum, she exuded someone who followed a moral compass that benefited many people. That's a definite lesson in effective leadership we can all learn from.

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1. Biblical book of Esther
2. In Sharon's Heart "Servant-Leaders" article, 5/11/16


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