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An Inside Job

Success begins inside then goes out.
How many successful people do we know who can say...

"I started on the bottom, but now I'm here?"

I can guarantee you some things regarding the ones who can say that. They didn't get and remain there on their looks, their wealth, their connections, their athleticism, none of that. Not one of them stays on top from merely having things like that, because although those things may give a person access, they don't give a person respect. And respect, ladies and gentlemen, is vital to success. 

Self-respect is about how we feel about ourselves from the inside out and that will determine how people react to us. Do people look up to us? Do we have integrity (honesty)? Moral character? A solid spiritual foundation? If not, we're not really successful and we need to start doing what I wrote about in a previous article about digging deep, to figure out some things about who we are. That is why wealth and fame aren't enough.

The bottom line, is that we all have to lay our heads down at some point. Are we ok with our thoughts? There's no getting around who we are. We're with ourselves 24/7 and we have to face ourselves. If we don't like what's looking back at us, then that's not success either. 

Success is being happy and fulfilled with who we are inside. It's making a connection with God and running everything by Him through prayer and supplication (strong petitions). That's what helps us establish our connection and relationship with God. He will always guide us. 

Once we love who we are in the inside and God is good with us, then everything we touch will turn into gold in due season. Success starts on the inside and it continues to be an inside job no matter what level of elevation we go to. 

We must remember that. 

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Proverbs 10:9


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