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The Lost and Found

God hasn't forgotten about us. We must believe that.
Once upon a time.

There was a time when we trusted in the promises of God. There was a time when we believed in the promises of God. There was a time when we had faith that God would do all He said He would do. Due to our faith we were obedient. Due to our obedience we were blessed. And due to being blessed, we were a blessing. We had influence. We had power. People looked up to us. We made a difference.

Not anymore though.

Things have changed. God's people are unlike ever before. Now, they are trying to be like everybody else. There is nothing special about the nations. The anointing (and the appointing) has left. The people aren't looking towards heaven anymore. Their countenance has changed -- looking down now -- towards Sheol. Today, the people are more like Samson with his locks cut off. Once a powerful man of God. But let life get the best of him, gave his power away, and then the Lord left him. Where are my people?

The Lord is asking.

It saddens me, because I saw the Samson anointing on you. I bet you didn't know that, did you? Probably not, because you were busy being used by God. You were busy building the kingdom. But that was then and this is now. That anointing has left you like it did with Samson and Saul too. So now you are rendered ineffective, because you gave up. You let that life beating you got, keep you down. The 12th round wasn't even over yet and you threw in the towel.


Why don't you trust God anymore? Why have you slid back? Why do you look back? Why do you desire to return to that time? God showed you Canaan. You were right there and you didn't believe it was yours to possess. Oh you of little faith.

My heart breaks.

Now the Lord is hurting. He wants to use you again. But you are not yourself. You have a hard time looking in the mirror, because it is not you, you see. You don't look right trying to be something you're not -- trying to fit in. You don't fool me and you for sure, don't fool God. When are you going to stop this racket? It doesn't fit you. You're running, but there is nowhere to go.

But, God.

He is waiting. He will give you everything back. It's not too late to trust Him again; to believe Him again. There are many of His promises stored up. Yes, they are still there for you. He sees you and He's waiting. It's not too late. 

It never was. 

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Promises: Jeremiah 29:11
Faith: Hebrews 11:1 
'Gave power away': Judges 16:17-20
Samson: Judges 16:17-20
Saul: 1 Samuel 16:14
Slid back: Jeremiah 8:4-7
Look back: Genesis 19:23-26
That time: Exodus 1
Canaan: Exodus 3:8
'Everything back': 1 Samuel 30:16-20


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