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Change and growth

Daily Devotional Podcast. Follow along with blog post.

Do you know God wants to bless you? Do you know He has abundance for you? Where are you today? Are you in the same place you were last year? A few years ago? A decade ago? Or have you've grown? Hopefully, you have grown, because change happens regardless of where we are and positive growth should come with that change. The blessings are in moving with the times and being open to the new moves of the Lord.

There are some people who change and never grow though, and they are in the same place they were years ago. Some are stuck in their ways and refuse to change, because they want to be right. Some are closed-minded who judge those who don't believe as they do. Yet, there's the great news: people can change and grow for the better. It's never too late. All of us can start moving, start opening up, and start accepting people for who they are. Yes, and God can help us when we seek His face. Matthew 6:25-34 tells us not to worry about tomorrow and when we seek God, He will add to our lives.

We should indeed take note of that, if we are to believe the great plans He has for our lives. We have to believe for great and positive things. So I want to encourage you today, that there is nothing wrong with changing for the better and wanting more joy and peace in your life. God has more for your life, so be open to all He wants to bless you with. 
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