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Protecting My Peace - Day 42

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. In continuing to protect our peace, we have to get and remain focused on lifting our heads high in a collective gathering of holding hands during this difficult time. God is still on the throne and will have His way. It's a time to dig deep and to say: 'I will not be consumed by any of the affairs of the world. I will do my part to affect change and stay positive amidst a raging storm. I will do what eagles do -- I will soar above it and justice will be done. It may be a long time coming, but it will come. Yes it will.' It doesn't matter where you were born or raised and it doesn't matter your past or your present, keep your head up.
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Protecting My Peace - Day 41

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Today let's celebrate peace by continuing to protect, maintain, and preserve our peace no matter what is going on in the world. Let's continue to celebrate our peace by allowing ourselves to be at a good emotional place within ourselves instead of soaking up all the ugly injustices in the world. In this episode I go a little into detail about my upbringing and how I ended up doing what I'm doing today. Just know that we can still do what God has promised us He wants us to to, so stay encouraged as you continue to protect your peace in these challenging days. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 40

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. My commentary on the George Floyd Killing.
Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 39

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. This day of the Protecting My Peace series is another day to reminder us to keep visualizing what we want for our lives. Sometimes we look around and if it seems like everyone is doing more than we are in our personal lives or business, then that's it! We throw in the towel. We can't do that. We have to stay with the positive and productive things we're doing even it it seems like we're starting low and not getting anywhere. Don't listen to the noise. Stay focused, because starting low is a good thing. It's foundation-building and it's process-experiencing, which leads to us be able to eventually help others after we get to where we want to go. You get it? What I'm saying is not to despise humble, small, or meager beginnings. Stay encouraged in what God has for you and you will get there in due time. Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 38

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. This is day three of the series within the series where we're talking about the Faith Model or aka the ABG Model. It's a model I have been using for years to climb to level to level. Although I'm far off from where I want to be, I've come a mighty long way by using this model. The model is: A-Affirmations, B-Belief, and G-Grind. Each one is important in climbing to the new and exciting levels the Lord God has for us. It's crucial to have all three. We can't level-up with just one or two. It's a continuous process of all three that repeats itself. Now, let's talk about Grind. Are you grinding? Are you showing up? Are you working? James 2:17 says faith without works in dead, so we have to show up and "show out" for ourselves if we're going to achieve the goals we want in our lives. When we have all three, we're on to something amazing, yet the glorious process continues on and that's per…

Protecting My Peace - Day 37

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. We're still talking about the Faith Model, aka the ABG Model, which is A-Affirmations; B-Belief, and G-Grind. The Faith Model is the reason I still show up everyday and it's why I still help myself and help others. It's what makes me tick from sun-up to sun-down. It plays into my "why" kinda sorta. The button line is that we have to believe in something bigger than ourselves in the spirit and in the natural. For me, it's Jesus Christ, as well as, my friends, my coach, and a few others. We have to believe positive, productive, and powerful things over our lives. We are what we think we are (Proverbs 23:7). Who and what do you believe?

Protecting My Peace Workbook

Protecting My Peace - Day 36

Click to listen to today's podcast episode. Sometimes I get a common question about how I continue to show up and maintain consistency. Today I'm going to share with you how I changed my life for the better. It's called the Faith Model or the ABG Model, which is A-Affirmations: speak positively and powerfully over our lives; B-Belief: believing great will happen in our lives; and G-Grind: doing the work that will get us where we want to be in our lives. Today we talk about Affirmations. Affirmations is about positive self-talk. Are you speaking positively and powerfully over your life? No matter what happened, is happening now, or will happen, we can speak what we want. We can also pray to God (Jesus), which is speaking and communicating with Him through words.
The Faith Model has worked and continues to work in my life. That's how I keep showing up and moving from level to level. And that's how I help others in my coaching to do the same. We can all get what we w…